Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top

Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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phoenix440 02/07/2011

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top : phoenix440's user review


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Epiphone handle close handle


Beauty Epiphone Les Paul Standard, quite nice and lighter than a standard


I play Laney VC15 VOX AC30 and 1964.
I also tested on other amps.

Very good sound, warm enough in the heats, I do not like an easel (see below). Very different from an Epiphone Standard (even a blank, so it's not just the microphones).

I mainly posted this review to say this:
Yesterday I changed the tone and 2 capacitors there revelation.
The bridge pickup I found sloppy and imprecise and I used never dull, becomes now more than great. I put the same value (22nF) and 100 volts but the material is different. I recovered from an old TV, it is orange and looks like a Sprague Orange Drop (color and shape) but it is not.
In the heats, I put a great resemblance to a condo MKT 47nF. In fact I had it on hand. I therefore less serious in the extreme position, but now the race is exploitable.

Therefore bridge pickup especially, feel free to change your capacitor. The references in the field are the Sprague Orange Drop which are also installed on the basis of signature Slash apetite for destruction (22nF for a Les Paul humbucker, and the tension they're mad it did not matter in a guitar). There are also the Philips Tropical Fish and oiled paper (more expensive and bigger, not necessarily easy to come). Obviously you'll need a soldering iron and considered as the original that you remove will be dead (but hey it costs 10 cents their stuff).

Therefore more brilliance, its much more open, etc. ... if you want to rediscover your guitar and turn it into Gibson with super clear sound ... nésitez not.


2 years, I keep overlooked, it is superb.
A little bit dark when it is lit, it turns yellow and striped embossed with a strong light

Great sound, great guitar, it's not just a piece of wood.
Hard Case for Quality

Tube amp to provide for her to speak

Feel free to drop away from the microphones for the strings and change the capacitors if you find the sound too "vague and bold" Super