Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Classic

Les Paul Classic, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

DyerMaker 07/05/2005

Gibson Les Paul Classic : DyerMaker's user review


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Gibson Les Paul Classic
mahogany body with maple table, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard 22 frets
Micros type hambucker 490R in the neck position and 500T in the bridge position.
Chevalier Tune-o-matic nashville
1 pottar of Volmer and a tone and a micro switch 3 positions
60 slim tapper neck
Honey burst finish


The slim handle tapper is a real wonder. It allows a particular game without the hands of Boucheron.

Like any Les Paul, access to acute is correct, the last frets are accessible with ease.
I really like the Les Paul shape and in weight I can not find it too heavy. Yes it is a little heavier than my old Epi but not yet sent to me Physio: o). The only negative is the position in ergonomien fastener straps, a little daredevil (she gave me two little terrors). But only with locking fasteners are not able to solve.

The sound of the scratching is amazing for the hard rock blues records his fate almost alone. To sound a little clearer s'atarder requires a bit on the settings.


I play blues and old rock and this scratch is perfect in both areas. I also iutilisé sonorotées on some jazz and it is suitable, the moment you take time to adjust the sound.
At home I plugged into a Marshall MG-15 DFX (This is great for finding settings and train without getting fired by his neighbors). By repeating it depends on the amps in the studio.

All types of sound are present in this skyscraper. Given the power of the microphone, it is easy to sound crunchy and little that is by increasing the volume of saturation and distortion. The sound is very hot on the 490R. The 500T is very clear and incisive, which can also shout loudly. The mediums are present.

People say that the pickups are too then what prevents the clean sounds. I found a good clean well just by playing on the volume of microphones.

I am an Unconditional, and I love all his sounds.


An old dream come true. This is just scratching I was waiting in his in addition to look fabulous.
The price is more affordable than a standard, which has roughly the same characteristics. The sonnoritées are comparable, so why pay more?

If it again, I would say, probably!