Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Classic

Les Paul Classic, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

spad91 07/07/2004

Gibson Les Paul Classic : spad91's user review


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Manufactures in the United States (it's not a forcment REFERENCE: Avoid ordering a Gibson Les Paul by mail, especially the United States, my luthier told me to have a package sent back because of default, particularly sleeves which barred live on brand new guitars!).

Mahogany body and set neck, table stocky, rosewood fingerboard.

22 frets, 2 humbuckers (+ pchus the Classic as the Studio / Standard / Custom: cramique 496R pickups in neck and 500T at the bridge)

Tune-O-Matic (classical, whatever!)

2 volume, 2 tone, 3-position a slecteur

The handle is especially also on Classic: it is thinner than on any other (except for the new standard that give the choice between the handle 60's and 50's), the handle 60's Slim Taper: Players to small mimine as I will be interested!

In short a perfect scratching becaufe simple and effective, which could have been perfect without the problem of random image quality ... (Thanks to my luthier Guitarman his attention to it reoit arrivals!)


The handle, as I said above, is thinner than on other Les Paul, and therefore more enjoyable to play, at least for me. 22 boxes, great for power chords without reach out!

CHAC is to treble the Les Pauls CHARACTERISTICS: If Satriani has not chosen, it is limited because it's limited ... Anyway, the base, remember that c'tait a jazz guitar! This as said, a little practice and you get to the solos pter like any other scratch! After all, if Page and Slash get there ...!

Ergonomics standard: the Les Pauls are heavy, it's not a secret! Personally, I opt for a strap grazing in neoprene. It can be done to some sissy, but at least I can hold a PR of 2 hours without the shoulder ruin the end! ;-)
As for the form, I find that tables are more enjoyable to play bombs ... Now gots and colors! ...

The sound? Micros pchus more than any other Les Paul (I also dj said, but frankly the Difference is significant!), So that's a little one brings dchire a little attention and that its rglages ale an amp worthy of the name (or at least that there accde in rp and / or scne!).

The too is almost perfect, except perhaps be the weight of the bbte ...


This scraper is good everywhere! Whether on rock, jazz, blues ... There is always the sound you're looking!

The bridge pickup is super clear, without being mtallique like a single coil pickup, the neck pickup and super hot. In his clear, good big crunch or distortion, we can always be "the" sound.

One BMOL is larsen larsen on ds I push a little volume for solos ... rp A pair of Seymour Duncan '59, a rglage p'tits the onions, and it rgl!

Personally, I played on a Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 ... And there's nothing wrong bin, the sauce is wonderful!
A wah between it and the amp, and go!

Almost always perfect: the 3 positions of slecteur offer a range of sounds that it may not be trs wide, but that has to be trs MRIT effective!

The bridge pickup delivers crystal clear sound and distos cut with a knife, the neck pickup sounds warm trs, and the mix of the two provides a clear sound of the most enjoyable.


I possde the scratches from just over 7 years now, and noooooooon, rieeeen of rieeeeen ...
noooooon, I do not regret rieeeeen .....
Scratch and I got a package, but hey, as they say, when you love ... :-P

The ct I like least in this skyscraper is ... the tui! The damn lock code adbloqu and it took the blow ...

The report qualitprix? I believe that we should not look this ct has hurt the wallet ... Especially since the prices seem to have jumped since my purchase! But it is a scratch that I intend to keep ad vitae eternam!

If c'tait again??

Oops ... Too late ... I re ... But this time it's a standard 2003 (still with the 60's Slim Taper) that I will soon team with a pair of Alnico Pro II! ;-)