Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002]
Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002]

Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002], LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

pask30 12/27/2011

Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002] : pask30's user review

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Guitar made in the United States, bridge les paul classic, round type 60 rather then the end (for Gibson), 22 frets, 2 pickups ceramics, volume and tone for each, 3-position selector


Well the handle goes well, I have small hands, after the highway is not in my jackson guitar either but has a different orientation. Despite the weight loss of Gibson, it is relatively heavy, the balance is not very good, the bulk behind the lady makes the game sitting position uncomfortable. Access to acute is not great but if you know a les paul which is the case, let me know. In terms of sound, it is good to very good. The microphone sends the pate is fat is velvety, the palm mute remains clear and clean, it sounds gibson, the registry is large due to the high output pickups. This requires tame the beast because you have to play with the tone and the volume if you want to be in a more classical. I blame him for a large output gap in the two microphones, so pay attention to changes in full song. To give you an example, I played Brothers in Arms Dire Straits to my wife, she could not believe the subtlety of the sound (I said that my wife has always bathed in the zic before being told that his opinion not worth much :-).


Style of music? I have not! I like everything, when the music is good, it is good regardless of the register. This is also my great problem because of the sudden I need a lot of stuff. Let's say I have my Start for clean sounds, the jackson to nag and shred, between the two I missed that this guitar came close and she does it perfectly.

As mentioned above, the sound is fat, depth, sharp, precise. I play a lil laney VC15. I tend to prefer the sound of the neck pickup, which, while it seems interesting to Abors premium is more subtle is interesting that the neck pickup which sent gum without trying to understand how in ç and lace.

The sound is clear, honest, fabulous crunch, the distortion is amazing. I did not know that my Laney was able to before ca (ca makes me think that I will have to correct me on this amp).


Since two days but I already know it will stay with me for life. No I have not tested many other models, I had a studio one day, I tested a standard but I put off the handle. Whatever anyone says, we can arrive at sound close to a standard despite the difference in micro but is played with the amp settings, the volume and tone microphones and nuances of the game.

What I like most about this guitar is its beauty, quality, sound and on mine (I said that because of all models in the store there were differences) the quality of the key that is just ... perfect.