Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002]
Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002]

Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002], LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

MGR/Anonymous 10/27/2001

Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002] : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I got this from a collector through Ebay for about $1500 brand new.

The sound is very warm and responsive, but has a ton of punch if you go distorted. I play blues (SRV, King, BB, etc...) and let me tell you this is the guitar for sound. The look is great with a tightly flamed maple top and a well applied cherry sunburst. Fretwork is superb and the action was the only problemo.

The action sucked (tons of buzz) so I had it set up right. And factory settings are for .09's which are way too flimsy for a player like me so I had it set up with some heavier gauges.

Excellent construction, and the quality of the woods were about an 8 out of 10. 8 because there are some flaws in the grain of the flamed maple that take away from its otherwise beautiful look.

If you love blues or rock, you have to try this guitar in a Fender DeVille or '65 Reissue. Nothing can really compare tonally to my ears! I tried PRS but it didn't quite meet the mark in sound. Fender's are too mass produced now and suffer in a lot of areas of construction quality. Gibson (which I've never been a fan of) has now won my heart for electrics (their acoustics suck though).

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