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Greco LP-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Greco Les Paul Custom

    Greco Les Paul Custom - "A revelation"


    •Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar? Marshall jcm800 combo and Fender Deluxe RI Leeds ov. •What playing and musical style(s) do you play with this guitar? Pop/rock, funk/blues. •What are your thoughts on the workman…

  • Greco EG500

    Greco EG500 - nickname009's review


    I believe this model was made in Japan. I can't be completely sure however the quality of this guitar is still quite good. It's a LP custom copy, this one I bought used and had the pickups changed a few times. Specs: Mahogany body and neck …

Translated user reviews
  • Greco Les Paul Custom 3 Humbuckers

    Greco Les Paul Custom 3 Humbuckers - " 3 pickups to send even bigger ..."


    Made in Japan, nothing to say on the violin which includes the Gibson standards of the time (maple pancake, round table maple into three parts ...). The three pickups are mounted with "rings" staged following the relief of the table, but rather class…

  • Greco EG450

    Greco EG450 - " 580 euros for happiness ..."


    MIJ 1981 Entry-level model Entirely original (depending on vendor) Japanese humbuckers Acastillage that holds the road Nothing shaky after 31 years of life No cargo-binding UTILIZATION Rounded handle, c is the slim tapper! Lightly b…

  • Greco EG1200

    Greco EG1200 - fuzzstone's review


    a little history. Brand GRECO is a Japanese brand that as many of these congeners (tokai, ibanez, Fernandes) put this in the 70 to manufacture clones of Fender and Gibson. First, approximately, and then getting better and sometimes even exceed the …

  • Greco EGF1200

    Greco EGF1200 - "The Holy Grail for collectors of Greco ..." has images


    Guitar made in Japan only between late 1979 and 1981. Mine is 1980, it has 30! Very few copies made, it is a very rare guitar today and the Holy Grail for collectors of guitars made in Japan! Vintage Honey Burst finish no picture I took can no…

  • Greco EGF850

    Greco EGF850 - Juni41's review


    Back-2-piece mahogany Solid-top 2-piece maple outbreaks -Cherry Sunburst Nitro-Finish 1-piece Mahogany neck Fret-Edge Binding Long post Channel Indian rosewood with pearl markers -2 Pickups Maxon double PU-2 (Japan) -22 Frets -4 K…