Samick LN10

Samick LN10

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LN10, LP-Shaped Guitar from Samick in the JTR Linda series.

4 user reviews
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Samick LN10 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Samick
  • Model: LN10
  • Series: JTR Linda
  • Category: LP-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 11/23/2011

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Samick LN10 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 4 reviews100 %

hulaup's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" And she is beautiful ..."

Samick LN10
The previous reviews were written by guitarists who have more bottle than me. So I bought this guitar on rueducommerce (delivered in 48h) trusting only to advice. Telling me that this price ....
What a nice surprise to open the box, the guitar is very well finished, varnish is superb and really feel like the hands a quality guitar. It makes you wonder if there is not an error in pricing or other brands do not foute is a few of us ....


The handle is very nice VERY easy access to acute. To me the sound matches my expectations. I play blues and rock.


I use it with a tube amp Blackstar ht5r. I played an hour so clean I found her at the top. For my part the micro humbucker original suits me at the moment.


I bought a used double the price thereof Ibanez and when I return I had the impression of having a toy in the hands .... soon available for sale ;-)
Thank you to the three members who left as detailed reviews on this guitar and especially DrMotxo.

DrMotxo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"LOVELY LINDA!"

Samick LN10
Everything is already said in the previous two reviews. I just add that ... EVERYTHING IS TRUE, even if the hands have an instrument of this quality for a ridiculous sum seems totally invraissemblable! Just an anecdote: as many of you I suppose, I leave occasionally dropped my guitar head first because the strap attached poorly (or too lazy to install strap locks ...) It happened to me with the Samick: small flakes in the paint. It happened to me with my Gibson Jr: a burst of 2 cm in the woods!


Make a test: enter your Gibson Jr by the heel and slide your hand to the top of the shaft, squeezing just enough to stop the fall. Is it done? good, you can rush up the first aid kit. Now do the same thing with Linda, and there ... is ... uh .... how to say? ... guitars have a handle. Gibson, a beam. Linda, eeeeuuuh ... a tail? ;-)


I played all kinds of guitars, with all sorts of configurations of microphones, switches, levers, knobs etc ... I finally realize that 9 times out of 10 I remained stuck on the same: pickup and very deeply! this is how I began to ogle the Junior and basic routing, perfect for rock and its derivatives: 1 micro + flight + tone. What more ... More? nothing LESS, ON: turn the tone! linda did and finished the headaches, the quest for perfect tuning, the fingers tangled ... Focusing on the GAME, fingering, feeling and the micro does the rest, no need to change: powerful, very powerful, but balanced and warm throughout the spectrum, thus not screaming highs and lows that medium mmmmmh .... ... you ... aaaaAAAAaaahh ... well, see what I mean.


Apart from the design of the head, I like everything: the high-level violin, varnish high class fittings of good taste (except the knob bling bling), Micro resilience, sustain madness! and details that kill: the handle glued AND screwed the strings through the body through the dome jack for easy access! Americans would do well to copy their copiers!

I had or still owns a dozen guitars U.S. and Asia. My best Telecaster? a Tokai. The best LP junior? JTR LN10, definitely. Worst of all, with regard to their indecent price is the Gibson ... pay 700 € a mahogany board into 5 pieces with a beam that saw the fingers, sticky varnish, and a nice but winded p90, just for the "legend", while Linda is 80 € NOW ON NET, to be a little masochistic, right? Palmer I agree 100% on the snobbery of scratch. I had a day on the phone JTR importer who confirmed: young beginners (once drunk shame to have started on Stagg ;-) swear by episquierphone the rest they do not even want to hear, suddenly sellers adapt and offer them that. This is the snake that bites its own tail: you do not sell these guitars becaufe do not know, we can not know becaufe sells nowhere ... Enter the first corner guitar shop and ask Linda, you will see what you answer ...
Warning I'm not saying that Fengib Sonder or make bad guitars! to a certain price level it is the holy of holy nirvana! But underneath, the less well known brands have quality / well above that of their own money in Asian brands. I ferret regularly on the web looking for cheap guitars to revamp or customize (small personal passion, soon seen on I unhesitatingly sacrificed 2 or 3 Epiphone (including plywood) but I n 'I could not touch a ... Stagg L250, the brand "cursed" forums! This is also the fate that awaited the Samick ... Palmer bought after reading above, half-curious, half-skeptical. Unpacking was a wonder, the first shots mediator a moment of grace ... the holy grail of rock n'roll delivered to your home in a click to € 80 today (the price of the case in G. .. ;-)!
So conclusion that I did not play any more, I'm back in the game I took out a few shovels that were gathering dust, Linda has all returned to the closet! it has bewitched me, made me what she wants, I offered him a small tube combo that has a button, as it (Peavey Nano Valve. € 80) revamped with a Celestion tube 10 good quality (30 €), all boosted by a little big muff secondhand (35 €) or a pocket amp Palmer road (75 €), which gives a TUERIE config for ... 300 €!

With experience? imagine ... a beautiful stranger, sweet and sexy times, tender and wild, like a supermodel devastatingly charming but nobody wants ... intelligent but not too much, just enough scholar, who sing more beautifully ... and would settle LIFE home to 80 euros .... !

What would you do in my place ... Hmmmh?

TheJeff666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY!"

Samick LN10
overall the previous opinion is very good, I'll just make a few points
- Body 3-piece mahogany glued, no table. assembly is performed masterfully (a central core and two wings reported in my case). I remember that we wind gibson LP which includes 5 pieces of mahogany for the body and the assembly of which is stashed in the table, and over € 1200 ...
- Unlike a Les Paul Junior, the neck, mahogany, rosewood, is not glued but screwed. The assembly quality is simply impeccable with beveled heel for easy access to acute. having the string through more than compensates for this assembly in terms of sustain. this guitar has a place and a stunning vacuum resonance.
- The overall quality of the hardware is simply outstanding in terms of the price of the guitar, and even forgetting the price of the guitar. all is blackened metal in the ground, beautiful, not less oxidation, everything is adjusted to the millimeter microphone. even the jack of the same metal, is electrosocket type referred to in the body (this is what I do I install on my personal Tele ... more dear). It's simple, I have 10 guitars, all more expensive than this one (fender, G & L, vox, eko, ibanez ...), and on this point, as well as varnish, it is superior to all my other shovels, and clearly several notches above a junior LP ...
- A single volume control with a TV like pot still in the same great metal with glass dome diamond point ..... if so ... on stage, between the coating and the famous pot that sends flashes of light when it hangs a lawsuit, we do not see you .... otherwise, I usually always optimize my electronic guitars, well not .... volume is very gradual, the pot does not play and will not unscrew (I play a lot with the volume, I've never tightened). amazing ...
- One mic in the bridge position. it is quite the microphone, if you like it ... very large output level is close to the metal stain buggers well .... sacrament should lower the volume to attack Angus properly ... we can forget for clear sound ... However, this very powerful microphone is much warmer and a hinged fender enforcer for example ... I admit that this kind of microphone is not my cup of tea, and that's the only thing I changed on this guitar (I had even identified and purchased for this). So, like the previous poster, microwave replaced by P90, a Custom SP in my case, and I must say that the end result exceeds all my expectations ....


as in the previous opinion, handle very easy to play, perfect hoop, cutting the handle allows easy access to acute, unlike all the LP ...
When the sound, given the simplicity and quality of this guitar, equipped with microphone for you, you either have sound or you put the triangle ....
Anecdote, I'll have to take a picture of the head of my luthier when I told her the secondhand price of this guitar, and the head is still lying when I told him the price or was it the new ... Finally, after a change of micro fact, I had to withdraw from her and pay strength so he burst out of the country to play with punk ...


I talk about my use with the SP custom P90. given the quality of the violin, the hardware and electronics, with the P90, I have more than I hoped ...
I wanted to start a roots, simple and rock & roll guitar, I spotted this model to upgrade to P90, and .... well I can play as the country with, picking folk, bootleneck, in fact any form of music that requires precision and articulation in the treble, and the twang ... And in the rock record is also very versatile. ACDC to stonner, from punk to edgy British pop, everything goes except the very fat, but this mixture guitar mic known to be fat anyway ... As the volume control is important. amp essential course (koch in my case) lamp.
And death metal of death that kills granted eight octaves below, with the right amp, who knows? but it'll be probably much better with the original microphone that is made for it.


used for more than 6 months, I have 30 years of guitars behind me (I've seen a hell of a lot ....) and I have 10 at the moment. It became one of my main guitar ...
I love everything about this guitar.
One complaint, it is not quite expensive in terms of its overall quality ...
The value for money is exceptional.
PS: it is often mistaken for its cheap Samick "image" ... However, this guitar has been designated by a defector from gibson. Samick is the Korean company violin (or more Japanese violin) origin and, in the 90s, its production capacity was such that it produced 50% of world production of guitars ... obviously guitars badged with other more prestigious and more expensive brands ... I'll let you look, you will be amazed .... So when Samick "fun" to get a guitar to its name, you can be assured of amazing instruments (see the series of Greg Bennet, for example) ....
vincent palmer03/31/2012

vincent palmer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" better than a junior lespaul for less than 200 euros"

Samick LN10
I'll put it simply, this is a junior lespaul best for:
- The glaze is thicker and more slippery brilliant (better finish);
- Handle with frets are comfortable and do not hang (unlike the U.S. model);
- Traversing the strings that provide a better sustain than the inspiration;
- The bridge which is of type o Matice tune and not wrap around as ...
Especially the overall quality of the violin which is superior in all respects to the model GIBSON!


I've played on many guitars of all price, that is one of the best rounds that I've had the opportunity to slide my little fingers. This guitar is also become my guitar work unplegged because of the comfort of his neck and handling (it is short) and its sound ... From "Dry" which made my wife believe that s' was an acoustic guitar! This is to say ... I said that my wife plays the "acoustic" (just in case some would like to make fun ...).


Sounds of mine are provided by a P90 from a large U.S. brand (Lollar). Combined with the violin, the sound issues this micro level is a much more expensive guitar (like his inspiring U.S. for example). The sound is also very original HUMBUCKER <span class="skimwords-unlinked">convaincant.Enfin</span>, sustain is above average. This is an excellent guitar for rock and roll.


I use this guitar for almost two years intensively because of its comfort and its <span class="skimwords-unlinked">ergonomie.Cette</span> guitar is the result of cooperation of a designer with SAMICK GIBSON, this is seen and heard ... Quite honestly if you look for a guitar in mind that Les Paul Junior and like me you do not care of the inscription on the headstock go ahead with your eyes closed! The older I get, the more I am aware of the scam perpetrated by some major U.S. brands. Especially one ... The other is much more affordable in terms of price / quality ratio.

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