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Mackie HD user reviews

  • Mackie HDA

    Mackie HDA - "Good but not for me"


    The Mackie HAD is a 12 inch 2 way powered speaker that delivers 600 watts of power and has some onboard limiting. These speakers are pretty portable and easy to move around. It has 1 XLR input and dual compression drivers (1.7”). This speaker is made…

  • Mackie HD1531

    Mackie HD1531 - "Clean sounding, but heavy!"


    The Mackie HD1531 has more of a stylish and sleeker look to it than most speakers do. It also provides a lot of power with 1800 watts and a 15 inch woofer. I love the sound of acoustic guitars coming through these monitors. I have been using them for…

  • Mackie HD1501

    Mackie HD1501 - "clean low end"


    The Mackie HD1501 is a high quality PA subwoofer that after just a few minutes with it you will see what all of the talk is about with Mackie subs. You will get nothing but clean low end bass with this subwoofer. It has that kind of low end that if y…

  • Mackie HD1521

    Mackie HD1521 - " the top!"


    2 years almost everything on the market amplified I do not see the least weight may be but there is gear in the beast so it is logical the most outstanding sound bass treble finesse madness the top oh yes I 4 I'll take 4, I do a lot of outdoo…