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Mackie HR user reviews

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - yoTrakkz's review


    I had a set of m audio studiophile monitors about a year ago .They Gave me good sound but in the high end of things(never gave me good bass or low frequencies),So i looked into what was around and what was a hot product and came across the Mackie HR …

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - moosers's review


    The technical features that motivated my choice to get a pair of Mackie HR824 monitors are the size of the monitors and the sound quality. The size is the perfect size for near field monitors and perfect for near field listening. I also like that the…

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - frankP_en's review


    I like the name brand Mackie in general. You can trust the products and know that they are not cheap. The Mackie hr824 is out of stock now, due to the new model. What appealed to me is when I bought this the websites and magazines said it was the ind…

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - " very telling"


    amplification synth motif es SOUNDS I'm not any specialist in this matter so that my ears are wearing a judgment monitors clear, accurate, providing a good quality hearing! OVERALL OPINION use for 1 month, I had a pair of prodipe pro_5 with s…

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - Zarbi's reviewhas images


    I wanted full active speaker approaching the Genelec sound ... I use them for the sound recording, mixing up ... with some infidelity in the mix ... (I mix by juggling on other plays in another room) I atacs direct analog sound card (RME Multiface …

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - earz's review


    config ProTools converters with high NA range Universal Audio 2192 and amp Presonus Monitor Station. - Electronic robust. - Reliable I'll try to be Ojectives. For a few years of working with and I also tried other brands. To summarize: -…

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - sibanak's review


    we know SOUNDS we know OVERALL OPINION Just to say guys are not pros, who have ears in plaster and expect to hear a sound very flattering do not get these speakers if you know nothing. I say this for the guys further down the reviews that say…

  • Mackie HR626

    Mackie HR626 - DaftSystem's review


    To fast: Active monitor 140 watt (100 watt amp for medium / low, 40 for the treble) 80Hz low cut (instead of 40 Hz by default) High Freq Filter (-2 / 0 / +2 db) 3 modes of acoustic environment (Whole, Half, Quarter) 3 modes of power: On,…

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - siliconvalet's review


    ...dropoff Window SONORITS ...dropoff Window NOTICE GLOBAL ...dropoff Window …

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - thewindwaker's review


    - Technical characteristics have been widely spread in the post before, I do not have it in YUX and do not know them by heart .. - I use it to mix, is my main listening pair I am very satisfied SOUNDS The curve of frequency is more than suffic…