Mackie HR824
Mackie HR824

HR824, Active Monitor from Mackie in the HR series.

yoTrakkz 11/01/2011

Mackie HR824 : yoTrakkz's user review


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I had a set of m audio studiophile monitors about a year ago .They Gave me good sound but in the high end of things(never gave me good bass or low frequencies),So i looked into what was around and what was a hot product and came across the Mackie HR 824 Seemed to be backed by allot of big names so i got them .


Turns out be a decision of my life basically they were ultra clear, good in handling high freq's and low freq's just all around good. I had to buy mine 1 speaker at a time though. Which kind a sucks if you are in lack of funds and was hoping to get a good setup with the 824. Just keep in mind that’s price for 1 speaker not 2.But I can see why they would do such a thing like you could have 5 monitors at once. Something that would be hard to do if they sold them in pairs. and each speaker has its own amp which i also like .and they both have power cords they are both independently ran speakers beside the input cable.


Overall, good solid sound. Very clear. These were a perfect fit. Actually any larger and they would not fit on my desk, which is quite large. The response is true and even. I keep them about arms length on either side of 2 24" monitors and the sweet spot is wide enough for a client to sit next to me and hear proper imaging. I chose these over the others because their listening position is more narrow. The price is better in store than online for some reason. So if you can find them in the store the price will be cheaper than you will see them any where online. So go to your local music stores and check them out.