Mackie HR824
Mackie HR824

HR824, Active Monitor from Mackie in the HR series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 20 reviews )
 8 reviews40 %
 7 reviews35 %
 4 reviews20 %
Value For Money : Excellent

yoTrakkz's review

Mackie HR824
I had a set of m audio studiophile monitors about a year ago .They Gave me good sound but in the high end of things(never gave me good bass or low frequencies),So i looked into what was around and what was a hot product and came across the Mackie HR 824 Seemed to be backed by allot of big names so i got them .


Turns out be a decision of my life basically they were ultra clear, good in handling high freq's and low freq's just all around good. I had to buy mine 1 speaker at a time though. Which kind a sucks if you are in lack of funds and was hoping to get a good setup with the 824. Just keep in mind that’s price for 1 speaker not 2.But I can see why they would do such a thing like you could have 5 monitors at once. Something that would be hard to do if they sold them in pairs. and each speaker has its own amp which i also like .and they both have power cords they are both independently ran speakers beside the input cable.


Overall, good solid sound. Very clear. These were a perfect fit. Actually any larger and they would not fit on my desk, which is quite large. The response is true and even. I keep them about arms length on either side of 2 24" monitors and the sweet spot is wide enough for a client to sit next to me and hear proper imaging. I chose these over the others because their listening position is more narrow. The price is better in store than online for some reason. So if you can find them in the store the price will be cheaper than you will see them any where online. So go to your local music stores and check them out.


moosers's review

Mackie HR824
The technical features that motivated my choice to get a pair of Mackie HR824 monitors are the size of the monitors and the sound quality. The size is the perfect size for near field monitors and perfect for near field listening. I also like that these monitors are self powered and do not require an external power amp. I use these speakers with Pro Tools and a Digi 002 rack version.


The sound quality of the HR824s is very full and clean. They represent an accurate portrayal of what is being played and it is nice to be able to get a mix that sounds good on these and that will transfer well to other sets of speakers. The stereo image is more than satisfactory as it portrays a wide sound that covers the full range of human hearing. It is crisp sounding and has a nice low end response as well as a nice sounding mid range and high end. The dynamics are accurate as well, and I would say that these monitors have an overall great sounding that is true to what you are playing through them.


I've been using the Mackie HR824s for about three years. My favorite thing about them is just the overall sound quality. The price is also a big upside for these monitors, as they are very reasonably priced. I also have a pair of Yamaha NS10s and these are much fuller sounding in comparison, although they are more expensive. These have come down in price in the last few years, making them an even better choice for monitors. Mackie is known for making well made products, and these monitors are some of their best. I plan to hold on to my HR824s for a while as they are great sounding monitors at a great price.

frankP_en's review

Mackie HR824
I like the name brand Mackie in general. You can trust the products and know that they are not cheap. The Mackie hr824 is out of stock now, due to the new model. What appealed to me is when I bought this the websites and magazines said it was the industries standard for monitor choice. Some of the higher studios use these and most of the lower end to home studio.


It carries a lot of punch in sound. The bass is right there. The clarity is right on. The upper range of frequencies are good. You can make out if there is any damaged audio in the mix. All instruments come out very pronounced. It really is a truth monitor speaker. No EQ's to mix up your train of though. Just the truth. What you hear is what the recording sounds like. You can hear you own mix with all the frequency regions with no fake hype on your hearing. They sound great enough to be used in not only as mix-critical reference monitors but as living room audiophile speakers. The Mackie is extremely loud at the center position of the control room pot. I would set these 4 feet away to create good room sound and understand whats coming out. The headphones out, XLR in and RCA in make good connectors also.


I've used these for one CD. Now, the other CD I made I did not use it and you can tell the difference. The quality is much better. In the conclusion, good speakers. Industry standard, powered sound=great mix. I've had my monitors for 1 year now and I'm happy. Looking at the other models, this one was the one to go with. I thought the $499 was a lot for one monitor a piece, wait until they go out of style and the new model comes in and you can get them at a better price. I would make the same purchase again.

ganice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very telling"

Mackie HR824
amplification synth motif es


I'm not any specialist in this matter so that my ears are wearing a judgment monitors clear, accurate, providing a good quality hearing!


use for 1 month, I had a pair of prodipe pro_5 with subwoofer, good ratio q / p

Zarbi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie HR824
I wanted full active speaker approaching the Genelec sound ...
I use them for the sound recording, mixing up ... with some infidelity in the mix ... (I mix by juggling on other plays in another room)
I atacs direct analog sound card (RME Multiface a) to have its "nature" is a bit hard before I was leaving a tascam tdm 4000, I think it sounded sweeter ... less ear fatigue ... but if done right ear ... yes it reveals the sound of the converter input is obvious!!
so watch the weakest link in your studio.


for my ears, I find them colder mediums less generous than the Genelec, so be careful when mixing, but generally (if the sound was done with the Mack) ... Some defects are caught upstream has the sound,
it is very clear in the treble and bass ... ideal has the sound to the gale blowing on the microphone or various ... it forces you to be vigilant and careful mediums of the sound, which is facilitated by mixing the following ...

attention to the treatment of the listening room and the distance to the wall well away from walls, for different resonant frequencies and low

good stereo imaging ...

comply with the dynamics are listening to local levels and reasonable, "customer focus" attention it go deaf is also impressive natural!


Since 2003 she advocates, and sometimes on stage (yes that luxury as a return personal)
I also have Yamaha NS10 studio I get to confirm my mix,
I then finished for fun and consistency of the mix with a couple of legendary JBL L100 century 3voie model and amp macintosh Blue Eyes ... just for something to make me feel good .. and especially also to check my mix on the 3 ways, and in another room ...
and finally to complete a play about a mini-chain (LG) of the living room of my daughter for the next pass across the mix, not forgetting the car radio of the car ... (yes to a mix that is not on a single pair of listening to do ... it's long! "I always check with my Mackies any changes made to the sound, because I have total confidence in their analytical side)
to the sound of the Mackie HR824 is very precise,
the mix must check not just get caught up in the reverb, it sounds to foix too well to be honest ... then we are disappointed, then! we mix the reverb minima, and checked the chain on the show ... the car ... ect.
good value for money speakers mounted in the united states ... not to be confused with the new HR824 MK2 mounted in china I guess for the price !!!!! sounds that can be both ????( m. .... then, poor Chinese if they knew the value of their work, they would do it again the revolution!)

Prices used for the HR824 model are well below their value intrasseque ...
I would love the opportunity to buy ... view their current dequote ...
but I do not regret owning them for 7 years ... it made my many services, even scenes of luxury in return for acoustic jazz player critical ... and the more it makes my taste its premium for a lower price.


earz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie HR824
config ProTools converters with high NA range Universal Audio 2192 and amp Presonus Monitor Station.

- Electronic robust.
- Reliable

I'll try to be Ojectives. For a few years of working with and I also tried other brands.
To summarize:

- THE HR824 plays are not universal: They are excellent for mixing modern music (type electro / tech). In contrast to the classical or acoustic music more ... it is more appropriate.


- Stereo sound provided this place exactly on the top of the triangle formed by the speaker and listener.
- Dynamic and excellent impulse response and especially in the bass even at high level
- Frequency curve constant high level, no distortion in the lower spectrum. It goes where almost all other monitors nearby stop!
- Its very analytical and precise in the bass, a bit "stuffy" in the midrange and a bit "dry" in the treble.


It has been 5 years since I ais. J'aprécie particularly the frequency response in the bass. They are really effective and remain accurate even at high level. There are people who say it drools. Their problems come from the investment or a badly adjusted and résonnate in the lower medium.
To say that these speakers are imprecise and drafts in the bass is absurd. say that these speakers enbellisent the mix is ​​too. The bass for once and this really should be taken into account appears as a phenomenon well-known psychoacoustic phenomenon is the mask which as the name suggests "mask" x10 frequencies more acute and therefore these speakers require a mix perfectly controlled in the bottom if not surprised when listening elsewhere!
It should also be careful with these speakers because it's so comfortable at the bottom that would tend to put too much! In all fairness, in the grave, I rarely heard from the speakers as accurate and analytical. The design of low radiators located inside the enclosure is perfect and no subwoofer system unfortunately does little to compete with that (even after rephasing).

Contrary to what should be the HR824 monitor speakers are not at all universal. Very effective modern music electro / techno etc.. they are nevertheless much less suitable for music acoustic pop / rock or classical. For this style of music I prefer the Dynaudio BM15 or better Twin6 focal lengths (which are fatanstiques for that). Indeed, the sharp sound in the midrange and treble is definitely more airy, present and accurate. The HR824 really lacking precision in the register. The ideal is to have two pairs of trainers according to music style.
For pregnant proximitées, it does not seem to have heard more effectively in the bottom of the spectrum that HR824 is why I would keep time with me. Almost all speakers proximitées leave soon hear their limits in the low ... HR824 ever (or so you really have a mix to listen to 110db +!).

In conclusion, if you make electro / techno or modern (electro pop ...) the series HR824 is the ideal forum!
For the rest, better compare with other brands.

sibanak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie HR824
we know


we know


Just to say guys are not pros, who have ears in plaster and expect to hear a sound very flattering do not get these speakers if you know nothing. I say this for the guys further down the reviews that say n'importent what and who would do better to abstain. All professionals in the music and it was well noted by other speakers of the sound engineer of Madonna. But maybe that this guy and we do not know anything.
Ah yes for the same guys below: mix type shit on the Yamaha MSP 5 and you'll have a very flattering thing to ring home but nowhere else.

siliconvalet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie HR824
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thewindwaker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie HR824
- Technical characteristics have been widely spread in the post before, I do not have it in YUX and do not know them by heart ..

- I use it to mix, is my main listening pair I am very satisfied


The curve of frequency is more than sufficient, lacking a little shine in HF but may boost them.
- I find the perfect stereo image is provided of course they are not difference of only 30 cm ..
- The sound is very precise, I worked on quite a different listening and a lot of different brands. Mackie and for me the best choice for their price.
DO NOT FORGET THE ROOM IN WHICH YOU ARE AND POSITION tapping can radically CHANGE YOUR QUALITY OF LISTENING! I say that because the saw the other post in my opinion y'en that need not be aware ^ ^


- I use them for a short tps I would not even 2 months
- Compared to my Genelec I find them much more "fair"
- Value for money for me they are EXCELLENT especially a new one now 550 eur
- Yes of course I would re-choice, although I find the least strenuous Genelec

Sarganh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie HR824
See manufacturer


Excellent sound, I'm sorry to contradict the electro music teacher but to have a background in acoustics, electronics, physics and other disciplines afffairante sound. Especially in high school, high international reputation. For my ears sharp as knife blades. I truly believe and can attest. These are the reference speaker in their class: speakers semi nearby. Although they have declined and are no longer very young, certainly more formidable rival came Grapillon of their class (Génélec etc.). But it is a speaker acoustic point of view a perfection rarely achieved for that price. Of course, certain frequencies are missing attendance but that does not make them pregnant colored.


They will forever be the speakers that have marked the history of monitoring. Quality often imitated but never equaled. They are still highly sought after and their ratings continue to climb. One thing is certain, is that I do not separate myself from them.