Mackie HR824
Mackie HR824

HR824, Active Monitor from Mackie in the HR series.

frankP_en 08/10/2008

Mackie HR824 : frankP_en's user review


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I like the name brand Mackie in general. You can trust the products and know that they are not cheap. The Mackie hr824 is out of stock now, due to the new model. What appealed to me is when I bought this the websites and magazines said it was the industries standard for monitor choice. Some of the higher studios use these and most of the lower end to home studio.


It carries a lot of punch in sound. The bass is right there. The clarity is right on. The upper range of frequencies are good. You can make out if there is any damaged audio in the mix. All instruments come out very pronounced. It really is a truth monitor speaker. No EQ's to mix up your train of though. Just the truth. What you hear is what the recording sounds like. You can hear you own mix with all the frequency regions with no fake hype on your hearing. They sound great enough to be used in not only as mix-critical reference monitors but as living room audiophile speakers. The Mackie is extremely loud at the center position of the control room pot. I would set these 4 feet away to create good room sound and understand whats coming out. The headphones out, XLR in and RCA in make good connectors also.


I've used these for one CD. Now, the other CD I made I did not use it and you can tell the difference. The quality is much better. In the conclusion, good speakers. Industry standard, powered sound=great mix. I've had my monitors for 1 year now and I'm happy. Looking at the other models, this one was the one to go with. I thought the $499 was a lot for one monitor a piece, wait until they go out of style and the new model comes in and you can get them at a better price. I would make the same purchase again.