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  • Markbass New York 122

    Markbass New York 122 - " A second for the road"


    Cf the MB website but roughly 800W @ 4Ohm, 2 hp 12 "+ tweeter and adjustable back vent. Not heavy SOUNDS Baffle fairly neutral to my ears, very defined and precise, extremely dynamic. The tweeter breath a little, like any other, but what I do…

  • Markbass New York 151 Black

    Markbass New York 151 Black - " Affordable quality Markbass"


    This subwoofer 15 "HP is a lively same combo" Player school "with a tweeter and more. Visually it differs from the" real "New Yorker 151 HP a completely black. Blackline It belongs to the series thus costs attractive. We recover the very small dime…

  • Markbass New York 121P

    Markbass New York 121P - Urban Koala's review


    What primarily motivated my choice for this speaker is its weight ... 13KG! My back thanks me again, especially since I live in 3rd floor! The other motivation is the quality markbass, which is no longer present! I use it with my head LMII, m…

  • Markbass New York 122

    Markbass New York 122 - " I love"


    I bought it for its power 800 W. I use it with a head marckbass Little III. I use it in concert and BPS, but for a next record. SOUNDS The sound is perfect, not a breath, my curve is frequency drives are still prcis respect and dynamics are t…

  • Markbass New York 151

    Markbass New York 151 - " terrible!"


    The size of the machine, smaller is ... eh eh! The 15 "for beautiful still serious, and lightness at all. I use it all over again to the recording studio coffee to large concert stages and festivals. The amp used is a markbass HT 503, an amp hea…

  • Markbass New York 122

    Markbass New York 122 - "the ideal cab?"


    Aaahh New York 2x12 "Markbass home .. since the time that they were waiting, that one! I had the privilege to offer me then, little review ... bass cabinet rear vents with two cones 12 "neodymium compression tweeter + 1 1.25" with separate control…

  • Markbass New York 604

    Markbass New York 604 - pistachefly's review


    Bass Cabinet 4 x 6 inch, 600 watts into 8 ohms, adjustable tweeter, 2 jack inputs / Speakon. -Compact (40x40x40cm cube). -Lightweight (16 kg). Mighty as delivers 600 watts into 8 ohms (300 watts into 8 ohms with my head Little Mark II). I u…