Markbass New York 122
Markbass New York 122

New York 122, Bass Guitar Speaker from Markbass in the New York series.

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jonathanblast 09/03/2014

Markbass New York 122 : jonathanblast's user review

«  A second for the road »

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Cf the MB website but roughly 800W @ 4Ohm, 2 hp 12 "+ tweeter and adjustable back vent.
Not heavy


Baffle fairly neutral to my ears, very defined and precise, extremely dynamic.
The tweeter breath a little, like any other, but what I do not use it, so do not care.


I used it for 2 years with an Aguilar TH500 head, before that I had an Ampeg 410 HLF, a real shit that was eating the sound of € 3,000 of stuff upstream.
Since the uses I rediscover the sound of my gear, and high dynamic clarity, quite faithfully reproduces what is sent to him without hesitation: it may be clear, bold ... all depends on the sound I model upstream .
Despite of its rear port is capable of much (too) serious burr and can cross a mix and find his place in a group sound, the sound is excellent projection.
I do a lot of concerts and small footprint and low weight: thank you.
I play mostly pop / melodic punk and I can truly send my race with.
The fact that it is 4Ohm allows using the power of my head TH500 (gain was 12 and the master at 9am it's already too strong, and I play opposite of Marshall 100w lamp)
Time to defects:
-this is not a 412 (my reference speaker is 412 Mesa, the best baffle tt times but too bulky and expensive, hence my choice of MB as I move with bcp);
- The rear vent is not what we wrenching guts to vomire a groupie but in return we gain clarity and definition, investment in a group.
-there is 4Ohm, so on most head you can use it alone, I would have liked to add to it a 15 "to send even heavier
In short, a good choice, a good speaker but used almost exclusively as a standalone.