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Marshall DBS user reviews

  • Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000]

    Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000] - studio35's review


    I do not redo the descriptive aadj t done. At the level of possibility rglage is complete, everyone is benefiting. A UTILIZATION both very simple and very complicated well yes ... with all the buttons but we get out fast. SOUNDS I play most…

  • Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000]

    Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000] - Shen49's review


    - Prampli lamp (in my case relamp before purchase), transo derrire - Dlivr Power 200W (200W is the beautiful and the good! A ring of fire god) - Connectors: Front Pannel: 2 between Jack HI & Low Rear Pannel: 2 outputs for Cab (4ohm sub …

  • Marshall DBS 7215 [1994-2000]

    Marshall DBS 7215 [1994-2000] - The GreeK's review


    Power and robustness 600w / s 4 ohms + events use with 5-string Spector => power stand alone or with 4 * 10 Warwick (Big Power) SOUNDS Its ok but if fishing sometimes face serious Spector (very powerful ...) of lamps ultra powerful super ok b…

  • Marshall DBS 7015 [1994-2000]

    Marshall DBS 7015 [1994-2000] - alimax's review


    Not too big, not too heavy but 175Wrms, with a head Mark Bass IDAL for transport ... SOUNDS Must love the grain marshall, mdium good, but lacks a little low to me well-rounded (but it's a matter of taste!) I have a friend who loves the bass s…

  • Marshall DBS 7410 [1994-2000]

    Marshall DBS 7410 [1994-2000] - zyke13's review


    Super 800W/rms into 4 Ohm 4 HP eminence 10 "and tweeter Basically my selection criterion was the power, while maintaining its own level, and I must say that in the sum of 2x15 ", that is bestial I have never been too short to knock in his facade…

  • Marshall DBS 2115 [1996-2000]

    Marshall DBS 2115 [1996-2000] - fabstylzero's review


    Amp preamp with 150 W lamp UTILIZATION Pretty easy to use, I still a bit of a chore at the beginning to find my sound, especially since I have not had any manual ... but trial and error I managed to find sounds that work for me. SOUNDS I use …

  • Marshall DBS 7400 [1994-2000]

    Marshall DBS 7400 [1994-2000] - Alan87's review


    Hello everyone. I have a Marshall amp Dynamib Bass System 7400 for almost 10 years I can not find the manual or the corresponding manual. If any of you just send it to me, thank you in advance. If I waited so long is because-now I have a problem. T…

  • Marshall DBS 7400 [1994-2000]

    Marshall DBS 7400 [1994-2000] - bblabasse's review


    Hybrid Bass Amplifier Head (lamp and transistor preamp) develops 400 watts RMS. I change light marshall (12AX7) tube with a groove, it's more like its hot, but I'm waiting for a Mullard make the difference,,, the barnchements are simple,,, the …

  • Marshall DBS 7400 [1994-2000]

    Marshall DBS 7400 [1994-2000] - boobasse's review


    Equipping a lamp and transistor preamp mixable thanks to a knob. ISSUED 400w power. has two entry (high and low) and the difference is obvious aps one has the selection of knob preamp, two knob of severe acute equalizer with two button (deep an…

  • Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000]

    Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000] - boube's review


    Amp transistors with pramp lamp + transistor. Power: 200 W Baffle 4 * 10 inches Between active and passive bass Gain setting, the rglage prampli (knob which allows for a mix between lamp and transistor for a more or less hot.) 7-band EQ wit…