Marshall MG Carbon Fibre
SeriesMarshall MG Carbon Fibre
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Marshall MG Carbon Fibre user reviews

  • Marshall MG15CFR

    Marshall MG15CFR - "Would have given it 3.5 stars"


    I was actually looking for the Roland Cube 20XL, living in S. Korea sometimes choices are limited , so the salesman directed me towards this amp (Marshall MG15CFR). Since it was a Marshall I said why not, but I was always of the philosophy that I go…

  • Marshall MG15CFR

    Marshall MG15CFR - "Cool little combo"


    This thing is quite amazing for the price. This is a 15 watt practice amp by Marshall that sounds fantastic. It has two channels and each channel shares the same EQ such as bass middle and treble. What is also great about this amp is the ability to p…

  • Marshall MG30CFX

    Marshall MG30CFX - " Bad"


    30W transistor amp. Integrated effects. Headphone output and footswitch, no output for external speaker! UTILIZATION Configuration is very simple, there is a manual, but frankly I feel they take customers for belated first "Treble control: turnin…

  • Marshall MG15CF

    Marshall MG15CF - " Satisfied"


    Amplification transistors. A 6.3 mm input jack and a headphone output. 15 watt. 2 channels (clean and overdrive) UTILIZATION A simple configuration, no need manual knobs Equalizer doing their job. SOUNDS I used most often in the clear, the …

  • Marshall MG101CFX

    Marshall MG101CFX - " Good amp but ..."


    This amp is transistor with built-in effects: Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, vibe, and of course reverb. Possibility via the Tap key to give the desired delay tempo. Ext FX button that allows you to choose the effects loop. It has two channels…

  • Marshall MG30CFX

    Marshall MG30CFX - " Excellent for the transistors!"


    Amp transistors. 1 instrument input jack 1 entry "line in" 1 footswitch input jack 1 headphone emulated No effects loop, or HP external output Power 30 watts 4 channels with storable presets: clean, crunch, OD 1, OD 2. 3-band EQ, gain…

  • Marshall MG101CFX

    Marshall MG101CFX - " Excellent"


    Power: 100 Watt A speaker 12 " 4 programmable channel Both effects can be used simultaneously: + Reverb effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Octaver, thomann Vibrato. 4 modes of Delay: Studio, Tape, Multi-Tap, Reverse Separate test of the Dela…

  • Marshall MG10CF

    Marshall MG10CF - " great little machine"


    I've had three weeks, and I had the previous version (MG10CD) in fact I still have it. What you lose compared to the former is independent exit line out and my faith is a shame because the option wet-dry-wet leaves. Well, on this type of product I …