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Thread Comments about the feature article: How to Get Loud Masters Without Overcompressing

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1 Comments about the feature article: How to Get Loud Masters Without Overcompressing
How to Get Loud Masters Without Overcompressing
I was driving along one of those Floridian roads that goes between the coasts, and is flatter than the Spice Girls without auto-tuning . . . in other words, a perfect place to crank up my car's CD player. As it segued from a recent CD into Simple Minds' "Real Life," which I hadn't heard in quite a while, I noticed it was somewhat quieter, so I turned up the volume...

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I definitively disagree with most of the recommendations here.

Why removing frequency content by default? OK you don't hear what you remove because of your poor monitoring conditions. But adding a filter on the signal path has serious drawbacks, especially about phase which can lead to increase the crest factor. Not the best way to be loud.

Removing remaining DC? Well nothing remains if a HPF has already removed all energy below 20Hz. OK because of my previous advice, you didn't used any HPF and the DC reaches 0.1% of the full scale. That's a huge DC value. Your A/D converter is dead or you have used a poorly coded plug-in during mix. Even if you remove this huge DC, only 0.01 dB of gain can be expected.

Digital has no headroom. O dBFS is an absolute limit. "Crest factor" is the exact term.

Using MaxxBass is a matter of taste.

Squashing peaks manually is just limiting, but manually...

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