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MathAudio news

  • MathAudio launches Room EQ

    MathAudio launches Room EQ

    05/16/13 in MathAudio Room EQ

    MathAudio announces the release of Room EQ, a standalone and VST equalizer software designed to replace the Auto EQ plug-in.

  • MathAudio Fast EQ

    MathAudio Fast EQ

    09/30/12 in MathAudio Fast EQ

    MathAudio has announced the release of Fast EQ, a new VST plug-in for Windows.

  • MathAudio Microphone Corrector

    MathAudio Microphone Corrector

    03/05/12 in MathAudio Microphone Corrector

    MathAudio has released of Microphone Corrector, a new VST plug-in for Windows designed to turn a mic into an acoustic replica of another mic.