Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
Audiofanzine Tee Shirt

Tee Shirt, Merchandise from Audiofanzine.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 9 reviews )
 5 reviews56 %
 3 reviews33 %
 1 user review11 %
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le reverend11/03/2006

le reverend's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
I acquired this material at an exhibition (in a pub) at a price of 15 euros. I am satisfied because the specifications are true to life:
- A hole to let the head extended
- Two holes to allow more than the arms (symmetric connections)
- A hole down to the trunk
He must think to do well beyond the head of the T-shirt, if you do not see anything and it bumps into walls. With a little practice, you get used quickly to get it right in the holes in the skin.
No user manual, but it can be done without, if you have already used to this type of material.

To moderate the previous opinion of Sol Carlus, I will say that the yellow of the transfer is actually quite discreet, even if only because I wore the T-shirt under a sweater so far. Anyway, I'm colorblind, so ....
Finally, in response to the remark of Sol, it is advisable to fight against perspiration by the use of deodorants. In addition it extends the life of the T-shirt, the use of such products prevents the fairer sex does not flee before the hostility olfactory usual musician's restless.
I will say also that all who saw me asked the same question: "What". I did not know what to say in front of such ingenuity.

XXXXXL the size I requested was not available, I had to resign myself to the XL size, a little light for my needs. The latency of the T-shirt that I often belly up when I get arms to the sky (which happens often when I made the air-guitar on pieces of Hendrix).

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Most of the product:</span>
- I noticed that I was playing better when I wore
- It is flattering
- It provides better tests in stores
- Good latency: 2.5 seconds to put on, without hitting the buffers
- Consistent with the use of VST-i market standards (softening Steinberg, Native Instruments sound laundry etc ...)

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Cons:</span>
- My girlfriend does not like . She tried to shine shoes with the top of the left arm and only a defensive reflex on my part allowed me to avoid the worst (a crack family)
- My son does not like it. He has already cleaned twice furniture and equipment with Hi-fi .
- When you put it, we need to repaint
- Not customizable. Only one preset: head up, arms at the sides, legs down. We can try to reverse the routing but it becomes impractical
I tested the machine passage several times already, no damage can be reported so far.
I may remake this choice, especially if the next version brings more to the level of the display (including customization)
I do not give top marks because of the origin of this material, the finish is good for that matter.

November 2006 Edition
I always use this product that continues to give me satisfaction.
I do not put it in the office because of jealousy might try to harm my career so promising, but I wear it on weekends.
My main setup to see stores zik at Pigalle, a denim shirt open casually on the T-shirt, like I'm an insider.
Fort foutage power of face.
<strong>December 2009 Edition
</strong> This t-shirt is really True-Bypass.
No detectable presence when you do not wear it. It's rare enough to be clarified here.

Advice on other goodies available on the AF site? =>

strobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
It is a t-shirt, basic manches/100 2% cotton.
Its resolution is excellent.
It can connect balanced in his underwear Y-splitter and then on two legs. Very handy.
I tried all sorts of models before deciding. A t-shirt brand "rillettes du Mans", "Pastis / Ricard", "1664", "Kronenbourg", but it is in another range. Incomparable.
It is guaranteed 100% anti-seller-of-box to Pigalle, and protect you against any aggression, including women and fast as Audio Fanzine is in the order of geekisme power. You will become an exceptional person.
The value for money is debatable, but to his chick in the stores with his t-shirt to show that we're at, it's priceless.

Do not make the choice to have this t-shirt is a bit missed her life as a man and musician.
(It seems they do the same for a girl with more sentence: "my boyfriend is a member of Audiofanzine ..."

NBC!!!'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
J t shirt uses this as an interface between me and outside it is very fast zero latency
the only problem is that c is dark we can not return (hh)
not double-sided
Finally, it allows to try the guitars that cost more than 600 had a pigalle because if someone asks you if you buy the accounts because the abyss if you'll have this tape in it and everything jm
thank you for this amazing artifact audiofonzdine
Chuck Van Damme08/11/2004

Chuck Van Damme's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
I saw this T-Shirt to 16 euros and I must say at this price, it's a great scam that would increase Hugoceps for the most honest citizen. Indeed, I found the same model in Germany to 10 euros and delivery is available, why not a Greek sandwich at 10 euros for that matter?
AirOne (Exclusiv)03/10/2004

AirOne (Exclusiv)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
I can not believe I bought this model, I felt my, there's T-Shirt 90BPM that made me in the eye, but ultimately there is no ahsiter. Audiofanzine The TS is what is best in the field.
I test the port of this attribute Socit but had no effect escont. Indeed, no one knew the site at Renault in my service ... damage.
Otherwise, I plan to put a UTC ds that the good times arrive, we will be well. Make a purchase with eyes closed!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
Thanks this tshirt lgance a rare, life is finally clear of Lumire sweet and tasty: the most beautiful women and most scabbling hammer finally my time to return , a fiery smile or move on to lvres, a torrid plain in his eyes.

The musicians I meet make me sign a head full of compunction, they recognize the man in me finally and brazing mlomane I am.

Vienda buy b AF tshirt that will transfigure all time (machine washable, 100% cotton anti-rillettes)!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
A T-shirt that everyone turns on you in the street ...
S'cartent not respect people, "and did you see? Audiofanzine it is!"

This T-shirt inspires respect!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
I made the purchase of a t-shirt t AudioFanzine the last size L, for a price including VAT 16 including shipping.

100% cotton, washing machine and move to Deutsche machine, it meets my expectations.

- Gain crdibilit amazing in stores zick!
- Sober
- Trs long => no need to put the shorts a t!

- + Darker color cotton => trs dusts collector!
- Short sleeves!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
I have this product for several weeks dj.
Note dj sleeves are original: indeed unlike those of a sweater or sweat shirt it shorter. Some say it's a inconvnient since the thermal protection is less. True, but it should be noted also that the installation is facilitated: no risk of a finger stuck and twisted because of a wrist handle too strait. And I do not even those who have children who can not dress himself ...

I did not have hlas try before you buy it because I ordered it by mail order. Fortunately I know my needs and he agreed right away. Its texture is silky and smooth, its color is a rare sober lgante trs. As for the transfer (of a somewhat sensationalist yellow dor hlas) their quality looks suprieure. Note that it is fully compatible with all the hangers on the market (including air).
Hlas like many of its products This category Resistors of armpit sweating is the weak point. But at the same time is a constant in the t-shirt on this point is that even when in front of the sweatshirt fleece.
It should not be carried away by the strong Lumire because of its dark color that absorbs all the heat energy from sunlight. Or if you need even when put through Lumire high (> 1500 lux), the cool privilgiez (skiing, morgue, etc. ...). Picard store

It cost me 16 euros book it seems. So affordable that places trs well against the competition (Music Run t-shirt, shirt, Hugoceps shirt). Its quality is comparable to the major brands (New Man, Frouteofzeuloume, Creeks).

I have fortunately not had the opportunity to test the VAS, knock on wood because I have read on the forums silent techniques that manufactured by Asian workers is relatively poorly paid. Even if they are known for their seriousness, I would not want my shirt back to the manufacturer for repair.

most: price, quality size sleeves
Cons: the color of the transfer, the country of manufacture (South East Asia, not as citizens trs purchase)