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Cm-Funk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The slap!"

Audix DP7
Miking drums.


I use them for 6 months. I had the opportunity to make batteries with 2 sockets and each time, it is hallucinatory! Everything sounds clear, precise and in your face!

The pros: the sound, the size pickups and especially handy pliers!
The - Nothing!

I think the price is more than adequate for the quality that we have in our hands! They all look very robust despite their weight, and the sound is really good from the flat!
D6, coupled SUBKICK my house is really a marriage more than perfect!

This is a real blow of heart and I would do this choice without any hesitation!

Dmonweb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audix DP7
Audix Kit for Battery:

5 dynamic microphones
2 condenser microphones electret + studding
4 clamps for toms and snare hooks
7 clips for microphone stands
1 bag
1 DVD presentation.


How long have you been using?
I use it for 2 years in the studio and live.

Did you try many other models before buying it?
I have tried many cheap microphones, the series Pg shure, sennheiser series of e, t-bone mics, etc ...
The Audix are clearly at the top of the list, sennheiser is so good, I do not like shure and I would have wanted to test kits Beyerdynamic (I became a big fan of the brand)

What is so special that you like most and least?
Bought in the USA, the value for money is (was?) Excellent in 2009.
7 microphones that take the road less than 700 € delivered to your home with accessories and carrying case, perfect, I am!
this is not the same budget in Toto ....

Microphones in the details:

- D6:
You throw loose in the bass drum sounds ... quite impressive. But this quality may be its greatest flaw: the natural eq (huge bump at 60Hz) of the micro does not allow a wide range of sound. There is only one, beautiful and modern. For the metal, look no further, this is it, but if you're in the vintage, it will be a little more complicated, it requires more work to mix. But it is not impossible.
live, you take it head D6 oblige! I love these mics, such as the e906, or placement becomes secondary. time savings unimaginable.

- The D2 and D4: very good on toms, although I'm still looking good angles for a good rejection is widely exploited.
D6 as it sounds modern, not at all like a vintage MD421.
I tested the D4 on a bass, it works well (in a combination of DI and HP 12 "ç'est a good combo), but I found it best: beyer M88, a must-have for I.
I also tested the D4 on trombone. I lack perspective on the brass, I'd say it can do the job, but I think we can find much better, I still do not know what to cons.
D2 on trumpet and sax, like it works in troubleshooting but ... not satisfied with the result. The ADX-51 ORTF gave good results on the whole section.
They are (D4/D2) hypercardios. To know for investments so.

- I5: it is a SM57 without the bump in high-mids. Some say that it lacks character, another that is more neutral therefore more effective. After direct comparison, they are in the same family with the same uses, they are close cousins, the difference is audible but not day and not night. Dynamics of the mat.
I often pair with a Beyer M201, either top or bottom in. The M201 plays in a higher register in my opinion (always like to know what you want as sound)
At this point, my deal is in MD421 M201 in bottom and top, I5 on the Hi-hat, or ADX-51, if the I5 is a cab from scratch.

- ADX-51: ah ... good there is clearly the weak point of the kit to my taste.
After trying several placement, settings etc. I do not like: it is too "harsh" for my taste on OH too much scrap metal sound, sound hard, it can quickly be unpleasant. I have replaced by Beyer MC930. No photos, no problem they crush the ADX, the sound is much softer and music. Not playing in the same league either, MC930 are the same price as the Audix kit complete. Is relative too.
on the other hand, it worked on a micro second violin ... not planned for it, but hey, be able to improvise :)

- Accessories:
Must not break the clips. These are formats propritaires audix, not simple find, or replace with another brand.
The systems of hooks on toms and snare are very convenient, it avoids out too mic stands. There once or I have not installed the pus on a battery, the circles are too thick. I have stumbled upon the exception.
The material is good Quelite is strong.

In conclusion, I am more than satisfied, the sound is very good, the only other kit that could interest to me is the kit TG Drum Set Pro XL.
Beyerdynamic is too expensive to get into the circle of prestige brands, yet its level, they can compete / bury much more expensive brands (I think there was some Neumann ....)
Fashion is the Bang for the buck, hands down beyer!
Audix is ​​however very good. Audix torque / Beyer is what I needed: from modern to vintage, I have a complete chromatic scale. OK it feels good budget, Cygnus' is not so unreasonable.

Apart from the ADX-51, the kit is really good.

primate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audix DP7
The characteristics for they are already mentioned above, namely a bass drum mic, 3 Tom mic with a tombass, a snare mic and two overheads.


This pack was I advised by a friend inge sound, I just realized my second recording, I had previously test Shure (Beta 52, SM 57), there is no good photo audix very good sound quality, the bass drum sound is unstoppable, the more one enters the microphone in the drum and there 's the tic, the more the fate of y' and low overheads sound very good, we lent me a couple of Shoeps, I have not seen too much of the difference with my config (DDA console series and q soundcard motu 896).
The snare mic has a nice grain, less dry and a sm57 acute, deeper sound and very easy to mix, tom mics sound very very good.
In conclusion I would say that all microphones agree well in the mix, the interaction between overhead and the rest works very well. I unhesitatingly put 10/10 as a note, I bought my pack of 850 Euros occasions, with almost little microphones used.
I highly recommend these mics, I find that to render the price is really low onreux if we can find a good opportunity.
proaudio-plugins.com09/02/2008's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audix DP7
- What kind of microphone? (Song, sound, mixed ..)
Battery Kit for 7 mics with clips and brackets for fixing on Toms

- What technology? (Electret, condenser ...)
- Audix D6 dynamic microphone bass drum (or bass amp)
- Audix D4: Tom Low dynamic microphone (or bass amp)
- 2 x Audix D2 Dynamic Microphone Toms
- Audix I5: mircro dynamiqque snare drum (or guitar amp)
- 2 x Audix ADX51: overheads condenser microphone


- How long have you use it?
1 month studio pro

- What is so special that you like most and least?
The best: the sound of the D6, the I5 and homogeneity of all
Most: versatility, both great catch that Jazz Rock or metal
The least: Still too expensive in France, because the brand is not well distributed over the United States.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Yes, Sennheiser Evolution, Shure for overhead, AKD D112 for the kick and cymbals and C451 for Chaley.
- How would you rate the quality / price?
At the price I bought it, or Excellent.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Eyes closed.