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Microphone Packages user reviews

  • Audix BP7 PRO

    Audix BP7 PRO - "nice - solid, well built."


    live & studio. OVERALL OPINION good tight pattern for stage, or multitracking a live-room. Fair price for a quality package that play nicely together as a set of mics. I chose the package for the range of mics to complement my mic-locker. I woul…

  • Samson Technologies 8Kit

    Samson Technologies 8Kit - "The Shure PGDMK6 is way better"


    I have had the Samson 8Kit since 2007 and have used it tons of times since then. It is an 8 piece microphone kit that comes with 2 condenser microphones that are for overhead, and 3 tom mics, a kick, snare, and cymbal microphone. This is a very basi…

  • Prodipe DM8

    Prodipe DM8 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by tomtom67 on Audiofanzine FR. 5 dynamic mics, 3 electret mics OVERALL OPINION I bought this set six 6 months ago to record demo tapes with my band. The carry case and mics are sturdy. One of the electret mics doesn't work …

  • Samson Technologies 5kit

    Samson Technologies 5kit - victormelamade's review


    This is a nice little drum microphone package from Samson. I got these as my first drum mics because of the obvious benefit that they are so cheap. You are getting 5 very usable mics for an entry level engineer at less than $200, which is really ju…

Translated user reviews
  • Sennheiser MKH8040 Stereo Set

    Sennheiser MKH8040 Stereo Set - " torque cardio dream"


    incredible, even sound, used in digital with MZD, we are left with a microphone that is capable of feats in terms of grip and respect of the stamp, you can hang a violin soloist who moves a lot, for example, without derating, without great loss lev…

  • The T.bone DC1200

    The T.bone DC1200 - " € 50 less, and yet ..."


    Set of 5 and 2 static dynamic mics for drums, classical. OVERALL OPINION Use for two years soon, my first set ... The quality is static, I expected anything but that, I use the same voice in jack for stereo, I was amazed! But the weak point ... D…

  • Audix DP7

    Audix DP7 - " The slap!"


    Miking drums. OVERALL OPINION I use them for 6 months. I had the opportunity to make batteries with 2 sockets and each time, it is hallucinatory! Everything sounds clear, precise and in your face! The pros: the sound, the size pickups and espe…

  • Mac Mah PG6A

    Mac Mah PG6A - " Very good semi-professional kit"


    Kit consists of 6 Microphones: A. 4x dynamic microphones: * 1x DS-1 (similar to Shure PG52) for miking kick drum. * 3x DS-2 (similar to Shure PG56) for miking toms and clear box. B. 2x electrostatic microphones: * 2x BCM52 (similar to Shu…

  • Electro-Voice PL-DK7

    Electro-Voice PL-DK7 - My Absolut's review


    Set of drum mic jack. - 1 bass drum - 4 toms - 2 Static OVERALL OPINION 2 years I had e 604. What I like most is the sound and robustness. This is largely equivalent to the 604. The kick-drum mic is also widely taf. Static are a litt…

  • The T.bone DC4000

    The T.bone DC4000 - " Good price / quality ratio"


    1 BD25 bass drum mic 4 CD56 micro snare / tom 2 EM81 overhead OVERALL OPINION Use for 6 months ... quite skeptical at first considering its price but pleasantly surprised by the report. Use a battery with a first sound system Yamaha DX + Su…