Prodipe DM8
Prodipe DM8

DM8, Microphone Package from Prodipe.

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V old man on the hill 01/04/2012

Prodipe DM8 : V old man on the hill's user review

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My old teacher told me that there's no bad pickups but only the wrong use of microphones!
This ultra complete battery kit is particularly weak on one: battery must admit that it's not luck.
At that price no miracle just a shame to make people work for wages vaporous.
In detail the micro bass drum does not buckle to pressure, but it will not issue any dynamic spectrum unrelated to the majority of kicks today.
The toms and snare mics like the majority of copies (canada dry) of 58 and 57 sm. That makes them usable for other tasks in troubleshooting on a stage, but inconsistent when it comes to experience the dynamics of your drums!
What about the 3 static, you just open them and watch their cells to prick a laugh.


This kit was forgotten by a friend in my studio. I am still microphones used for dynamic communication between musicians. The case is now home to a pair of AKG 414!
Despite all the evil that I think this kit is not a toy and not find a place as a troubleshooting microphones at a fair with sausage or a rehearsal. But I strongly discourages its use for the home studio because we can not all sell out, especially not the sound of a drum!
And I think for that price you can buy an Audix D6 for kick at the top, then two or AKG Perception 170 for overs of suitable quality or simply a pair of 58 or 57.