Prodipe DM8
Prodipe DM8

DM8, Microphone Package from Prodipe.

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 29 reviews )
 12 reviews41 %
 10 reviews34 %
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 3 reviews10 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
Audiofanzine FR01/04/2011

Audiofanzine FR's review

Prodipe DM8
Originally written by tomtom67 on Audiofanzine FR.

5 dynamic mics, 3 electret mics


I bought this set six 6 months ago to record demo tapes with my band.
The carry case and mics are sturdy. One of the electret mics doesn't work properly anymore: it produces noise (perhaps I placed it too close to the hi-hat). Considering the price of this set of eight mics, I knew they wouldn't sound like Neumann mics. But they provide a decent result you can enhance during the mix.

The bass drum mic sounds really bad, it has a cut below 100 Hz and an unpleasant boost at 150 Hz. In the beginning, I directed the mic to the beater but the sound had no resonance, it captured only the attack. Now, I tilt it down at 30° and I get a bit more lows. However, you'll absolutely need good plug-ins (like Waves Renaissance Bass) to enhance the recording.

The sound of my snare is also not very good but the problem comes from the instrument, not from the mic (I have the same problem with a SM57). In fact, I notice almost no difference between an SM57 and the set mic on my snare.

The other mics sound pretty good: the toms sound round, the overheads faithfully capture the sound of my cymbals, even though they lack some punch.

For a nice price, you get eight mics that do their job quite well. Don't compare them with high-grade mics, it doesn't make sense! They are a very good solution for beginners.
If you want to listen to them on my drum kit, follow this link:
V old man on the hill01/04/2012

V old man on the hill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What's the point?"

Prodipe DM8
My old teacher told me that there's no bad pickups but only the wrong use of microphones!
This ultra complete battery kit is particularly weak on one: battery must admit that it's not luck.
At that price no miracle just a shame to make people work for wages vaporous.
In detail the micro bass drum does not buckle to pressure, but it will not issue any dynamic spectrum unrelated to the majority of kicks today.
The toms and snare mics like the majority of copies (canada dry) of 58 and 57 sm. That makes them usable for other tasks in troubleshooting on a stage, but inconsistent when it comes to experience the dynamics of your drums!
What about the 3 static, you just open them and watch their cells to prick a laugh.


This kit was forgotten by a friend in my studio. I am still microphones used for dynamic communication between musicians. The case is now home to a pair of AKG 414!
Despite all the evil that I think this kit is not a toy and not find a place as a troubleshooting microphones at a fair with sausage or a rehearsal. But I strongly discourages its use for the home studio because we can not all sell out, especially not the sound of a drum!
And I think for that price you can buy an Audix D6 for kick at the top, then two or AKG Perception 170 for overs of suitable quality or simply a pair of 58 or 57.

kojejefroots's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For the price"

Prodipe DM8
Battery kit complete


2 years

I tried 57 of the C535 and other standard microphone used for drums

The GC mic is a bit lightweight, the static sometimes illusion, and the toms and snare mics do the job well ...

It's not ultra-bluffing but if you look at the quality price ratio becomes trs trs crdible ...

It does not invade professional studios, but adpanne advantageous in settings where there are few resources.

I bought this kit for a backup battery kit, I do not see the intrt to have a second, I park dj microphones of the battery cohrent hand ....

But it is an excellent compromise for missing musician way for the live or model ....

FF2S's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" More than well!"

Prodipe DM8
To capture all the training battery, up to 8 microphones. 3 over head ensure a perfect capture of cymbals, including the hi-hat.


We can blame a lack of presence of small bass drum mic, but for the rest, and given the price, set a "pass" easily recommendable.

gaedu42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rather positive opinion"

Prodipe DM8
Said the party before ...


I use this pack for 2 months now, it's the first mic I use.

It manages to get across a fairly accurate except for the bass drum: No effect -> Its disappointing, in the words of my predecessors, a little carton ... I tried several settings (pillow in the bass drum, bass drum empty, stretched skin, relaxed, etc.). Nothing works.
But we manage to get a good sound by adding effects after the recorded track with the gate to reduce outside sounds and annoying (cymbals, snare ...), a compressor for the attack, and an EQ for more bass and a sound to shake the walls;)
Of course this requires a sound card and not a mixer to add effects element by element (micro-micro), otherwise I think it's impossible ...

The snare mic I like that, I love to hear the sweet sound of my Pearl Joey Jordison signature: D
But for this we must add a few effects to bring out all the sounds of the drum.

I have a little trouble with the microphones toms, but spending a little more time on setting it should be better. What to see

Its not the ovearheads mals, but such a good return -> An EQ is not to refute but it seems normal. Cepandant Warning: The ovearheads need phantom power to operate!

Good microphones on the whole, but use with a sound card and not a mixer in order to edit one track and thus get a better sound.
I have to listen to some song clips I recorded if requested with or without effects, different settings, etc.. -> MP:)

correjy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" New Kit ST8"

Prodipe DM8
Micro Battery Kit 8 microphones


I use this kit for 3 months in a home studio. I have so far used the mic and 3 snare mics to Oheads capacitor type A1 and HiHat.
These microphones are very convincing, the snare seems at least as effective as a Shure SM57, response particularly well positioned in the mid and low-mids of a snare drum, microphone easy to install, responsive to the EQ .
Capacitors are very accurate and faithful, shiny and soft at once, and we really like the low cut.
Is obtained quite easily with these pickups and even home-studio setup (not optimal room acoustics), made the equivalent of 'studio' with micro category and much higher prices.
The quality is really there, and for this incredible price, it can be in terms of strength and durability that is questionable compared to more expensive mics. But until now, no worries.

hugo.pierre.barre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A micro pack perfect for beginners"

Prodipe DM8
Static and dynamic microphones!
- Bass Drum - Dynamic - The microphone is not true to the bass drum for my taste, sound card, it depends on the bass drum of course, but compared to a Beta52A, the difference is huge, more serious, more attack, over medium, sound cleaner and better defined.
- Snare - dynamic - a snare rather fuzzy, wrapped, not ventilated. it looks stale compared to an SM57.
- Micros toms - dynamic - same comments as for the snare, lack of attack on the tom tom acute and medium but it goes for the bass, it lacks definition! comparison with MD421.
- Overhead Microphones - Condenser - Lack of precision, when the source rises in volume one feels that the definition goes. in comparison with KM184.


For 1 year, Live and Studio models for beginners.
I have tried many mics drum kit but never of this style
The value for money is very interesting that's why I bought it, it's fine to start in the sound recording or small models but it becomes very poor when you ask him a few more! TO START

Nida's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good start kit for cheap"

Prodipe DM8
3 static and 5 dynamic dedicated to the sound of the battery but can be diverted.


I use them for 3 years.

Of course I had already worked with more professional kits (Shure, Audix, is ...) but I have purchased for use in association with new groups and undesirable sound. So I referred to a more affordable product.

Besides the price, this kit to the advantage of micro durable (I have really abused and they are still functional). The presence of a carrying case is a plus. In addition, the use of condenser microphones and that of the snare drum can be diverted. The dynamics can be used on guitar amps or brass.

After that, we should not expect miracles. These pickups do not have a sound identity interesting but at that price, it can still help!

vdrumsplayer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" OK for the price"

Prodipe DM8
Kit microphones for sound with a battery


Use for 4 months + sound to snare heads over

Its ok for the price.

With a good mixer, the sound is good.

Against a decision by his studio ... to test ...

Good quality / price ratio

Tomt0m's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Prodipe DM8
5 dynamic, 3 electrets


I bought this kit about 6 months ago dmos to record with my band.
the case is robust, the microphones also. A micro lectret no longer works well, it puts crpitements (I put it too close to the hi-hat). for 300 you have 8 microphones, it was clear that will not sound like neumann, but working a little to the mix, there are ways to get something.

bass drum microphone is clearly wrong, a very steep slope above 100Hz, 150Hz trsdrangeante a bump. I ran to the microphone beginners to the place o hits the bat, I had that kick, not a qt low, now I bow down to 30, I r cupra a little more, I will not deny that you have good intrt Plug'ins a waves renaissance bass or equivalent may s'avrer essential.

my snare does not sound very well, so I have a little trouble to make it sound mix, but I have the same problem with my sm57. there is very little diffrence between the snare drum microphone kit and an sm57, a person generally the same (at least for the snare)

other microphones Plutt sound good, the toms have a round, well overheads transcribes the cymbals but lacks a bit of potato.

for 300 you have 8 microphones that do their work, neither more nor less, do not bother to compare high-end mics, it would be ridiculous. is very good for beginners in the audio recording.
if you want to listen to what gives, you can go to the top: / xcluedead I recorded the drums with this kit.