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Stands/Boom Arms for Microphones news

  • Atlas Road Stand 300

    Atlas Road Stand 300

    01/14/12 in Atlas Stands Road Stand 300

    Atlas Amp Stands unveils its newest amp stand inspired by touring guitarists.

  • [NAMM] New Rycote Carbon-Fibre Boom Poles

    [NAMM] New Rycote Carbon-Fibre Boom Poles

    01/18/11 in Rycote G5

    Rycote has announced three telescopic carbon-fibre boom poles: the 1.63-metre-long G3, with three sections, and the 2.49-metre-long G5, with five sections.

  • [NAMM] Audix BOOM-CG

    [NAMM] Audix BOOM-CG

    01/14/11 in Audix BOOM-CG

    The Audix BOOM-CG is a boom arm that attaches to the CabGrabber or CabGrabber-XL making virtually any miking position possible, according to Audix.

  • [NAMM] Audix MicroBoom 24

    [NAMM] Audix MicroBoom 24

    01/14/11 in Audix MicroBoom 24

    The MicroBoom from Audix is now available in a new 24” length.

  • Rycote Lightwave A3 Boom Pole

    Rycote Lightwave A3 Boom Pole

    09/13/10 in Rycote Lightwave A3

    Rycote are introducing a new entry-level aluminium Lightwave boom pole at IBC 2010.

  • [NAMM] QuikLok A-490

    [NAMM] QuikLok A-490

    01/25/10 in QuiK Lok A-490

    Quik Lok introduced its new A-490 series of boom microphone stands.

  • Audix MicroBoom

    Audix MicroBoom

    08/27/09 in Audix MicroBoom 84

    Audix Microphones has updated the MicroBoom Series to include two models: MicroBoom 50, which features a 50 inch boom arm, and the newly developed MicroBoom 84, featuring an 84 inch boom arm.

  • GSAPK6600 Microphone Stand

    GSAPK6600 Microphone Stand

    08/20/09 in On-Stage GSAPK6600

    The GSAPK6600 is intended as a solution for any guitar player who has lost or broken a pick during a performance and needed quick access to spares.

  • Sound Devices CL-2

    Sound Devices CL-2

    04/19/09 in Sound Devices CL-2

    Sound Devices has introduced the new CL-2 Boom Pole Remote Fader for the 788T.

  • Alien Apparatus Alien Hand mic stand

    Alien Apparatus Alien Hand mic stand

    08/11/08 in Alien Apparatus Alien Hand Microphone Stand

    Alien Apparatus presents the Alien Hand Microphone Stand, a stand specifically designed to make the recording of amplifiers easier.