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All user reviews for the QuiK Lok A-50

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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mooseherman's review"Solid, Reliable, Heavy-Duty Boom Stand"

QuiK Lok A-50
This is a high-quality, heavy duty microphone boom stand that is designed for studio as well as live use. This mic stand is big enough and strong enough to hold microphones that are quite heavy indeed. I think would be a great asset for any studio owner to have, mainly because they are flexible, tall, and strong. The legs are solid steel and the entire thing is durable and difficult to bend, break, or move easily. Plus, the wheels lock in place once the position is set. One end up the stand has a weight attached, which is useful in balancing out the weight of the stand, giving you flexibility in micing techniques and preventing you from having to tighten the stand too hard, which can often result in stripping.


I love these mic stands. They are definitely the best we have at the studio I work for. We tend to use all Quiklok stands but these are definitely the best. We like to use these on our heavy tube and large diaphragm condenser mics, because they can hold up those heavy microphones quite easily. I also tend to use them as overheads because they can go the highest, and they are easy to maneuver even when the microphone is ten feet in the air. The only time I wouldn't be using these types of stands would be if I was micing a kick drum, or a guitar amp or cabinet that was on the ground (I would still usually put the guitar cabinet in a chair though, which would mean I could still use this stand if I wanted to). Overall these are the best mic stands I've used.

moosers's review

QuiK Lok A-50
The Quik Lok A-50's are heavy duty microphone stands that can be used in any situation desired. These are tripod based mic stands, as each has three wheels on the bottom for easier movement. These are overall some of the most flexible microphone stands that I've used before, and some of my favorite at that. We've got about four or five of these on hand at the studio where I work, and they definitely see use on every single session we do since they are some of the best that we've got. I don't know very much about what these are made of or anything like that.


If you're looking for an absolutely sturdy microphone stand for the studio or otherwise, the Quik Lok A-50's are some of the best you can get. I haven't used these for live shows as I've only used them in the recording studio, but no matter where you're using them they should do the job very well. We almost always use these stands for room microphones and drum overheads, as they can reach extremely high up if you so need. There really isn't anything I would use these for unless I needed a small stand that would be closer to the ground, but if I were to need a few microphone stands in any other situation I would be going with the A-50's. I don't know exactly how long the studio has had these for, but they should last a pretty long time even if you're using them pretty consistently as we are. There isn't too much more that can be said beyond that they're great stands and will hold your mics up securely. If you're looking for a super heavy duty mic stand like the A-50, I'd also recommend checking out the stands from Atlas, as they too have some of the best available. The price of these stands is certainly a bit more than your average ones, but if you've got expensive microphones it's absolutely worth it to make sure they stay expensive!