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Thread Keyboard Seems out of Tune

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1 Keyboard Seems out of Tune
I'm using a yamaha psr-550 with logic. i feel like i can't get anything I record on the keyboard to sound right with the guitar and bass that's already been recorded. has anyone else had similar experiences with the keyboard being slightly off key. if so, how do you go about fixing this?

thanks! jesse
generally, when this happens, it means the keyboard is dead-on, and the guitars are a bit off. I have experienced, however, times when the syth triggers notes that aren't quite on. To correct this, try modifying the MIDI data recorded. Mess with the pitch control automation until you can get it right.

Another round-about solution is to convert the off-key MIDI track into an audio track, then apply pitch bending to it.

It might be helpful to be able to figure out which is out of tune; the guitars or the syth. And if the syth is the problem, perhaps logic will allow you to edit it's note generator to put out the correct pitch.

One other possible problem: your midi keyboard could be malfunctioning, and putting out Pitch control data when you don't mean for it too. Maybe the wheel is stuck, maybe somethings really wrong with it. you can see if this is the case by checking the automation data in logic to see if there's already pitch data there.

Good luck