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Thread new to midi - anybody help with knobs and sliders?

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1 new to midi - anybody help with knobs and sliders?
Hi - Im a beginner with the following setup:
imac, Logic express, tascam us-122 audio interface, EMU Xboard-49 midi controller, quite a few gigs worth of virtual instument synths in the shape of kontakt2.
Ill only be doing audio recordings of vocals and acoustic guitar - the rest will be virtual intstuments and effects.

Already got a couple of questions if any of you could answer:

Anybody know how to get my knobs and sliders on the Xboard to control the plugin effects? Keyboards working fine - just dont seem to be able to get the knobs and sliders working???

Any General info on midi and setting up midi channels would be most helpful!


Early Bird
Sounds like you need to MAP the knobs and sliders on the Xboard49 to the virtual devices in Kontakt2
The manuals for the Xboard and Kontakt2 should explain the actual method, but that's what you need to do.
thanks ambientlive. Ill give it another shot and see how i get on!
almost all Native intruments vst's except midi learn. which is a great feature that you can basicly enable it on kontact2 then select the knob in the software that you want to map, then move the slider or the knob on the midi controller . and vola its maped.