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Thread bcf200 nuB problem

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1 bcf200 nuB problem
hi guys. i'm nu (you can read me at the intro page). Just got a new bcf200 today. He's what i've done so far:

- installed latest usb drivers
- connected device
- updated latest firmware
thats it. I guess i'm posting this becasue i have been frustrated for 4 hours @ the manual :mad:, because it doesn't explain it very well. When I start up the bcf, I run it in default mode. Does nothing with (ableton) Live. I've tried it with the other emulation modes, by holding the button while powering up (baby HUI etc.) & still nothing. I've made sure its running on usb and not standalone. I know it's working, because i've used it with a WINAMP plugin. So it's probably just a small config, that i havn't figured out in Live or with the BCF. Please help. I have already tried the Ableton, B-Control and Behringer forums, and nothing, but I know that a lot of people use the bcf with live. SOMEBODY HELP.