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Thread Home Studio Setup

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1 Home Studio Setup
Hi there.
Here's my question.
I am ending my DAW-Based studio.
On my PC I will run Cubase SX and a bunch on plugins and VST-i.
More, I will have to control, during mixing, up to 32 audio-midi-vst.instruments-group channel.
I don't know much about digital, so my question is :

1. Buying a control surface
( 32 channel ??? - fader + knobs+easy to setup ?)

2. Buying a digital mixer with input and digital output ?
( 32 input channel ? How will I pass al 32 recording track to my
soundcard input ? S-PDIF ? )

My need is to record up to 32 audio tracks together, and then to mix them on my PC.
Any solution explained is very, very welcome !!!

Thank you !