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Thread Mackie Onyx

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1 Mackie Onyx
I didn't see I spot for Mixers as opposed to control surfaces, so I figured I'd put it here....

Have you guys read at all about the Mackie Onyx series. I'm very interested in the 1620/1640. The firewire card is fairly expensive, but it says direct outs via DB-25 connection??

Can anyone elaborate on this? Basically this looks like my most economical way to get at least 12 tracks going simultaneously unless I go to the Alesis studio 32 and some phase 88's.

Any thoughts?

I dont't know about that series, but I dont recommend you DB25 connectiion. That is RS232 standar and it has limited speed. (I know that because I'm doing with microcontrolers.) I suggest you some thing on firewire.