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MIDI Gear user reviews

  • Novation Remote 49 SL MkII

    Novation Remote 49 SL MkII - "expensive but it has alot of functions"


    I used this MIDI controller back in 09, it is a 49 key MIDI controller with semi weighted keys. There are over 50 total fully programmable buttons and knobs that you can use to control your functions in your DAW. You can use this with any computer th…

  • Euphonix MC Control

    Euphonix MC Control - "motorized faders"


    The Artist Mix is made by Euphonix and it is a control interface that has motorized faders and all of the buttons and knobs can be programmed to work with your DAW. This control interface is so easy to use, and you can use it on Windows computers and…

  • Korg microKEY 37

    Korg microKEY 37 - "portable"


    The microKEY 37 has been around for a while now, you can get it in to different versions. It comes with the classic style or the limited edition version that cost more. Either way, they both come with Korg M1 LE VST that you can use as a plug in for …

  • Akai MPK25

    Akai MPK25 - "Comes with a copy of Ableton "


    The best part about the MPK25 is that it is so portable. I was using this MIDI controller for over a year and loved using it. But it got to the point where I started to want to have more octaves (keys) to play, as I am learning to be a keyboard playe…

  • Akai Max49

    Akai Max49 - "So Far So Good"


    The Max49 is a USB MIDI controller. It can be used with almost any software that you use to make music with. I use it mostly in FL Studio and Cubase. The key to using it in your software is to use one of the presets for controllers that you software …

  • Akai MPC Studio

    Akai MPC Studio - "Great, but no interface"


    The Akai Professional MPC Studio is the newest line of MPC from Akai and it came out this year. I had the pleasure of working with it twice. It comes stocked with over 6GB of sounds and it supports VST plug ins. You can use the Akai Professional on …

  • Akai MPC Renaissance

    Akai MPC Renaissance - "Best MPC out"


    The MPC Renaissance is a production hardware system that can also act as a audio interface. It comes loaded with over 6GB of sounds and it does support VST plug-ins. The Renaissance is better than just the original MPC line. I have been using MPC’s …

  • Line 6 POD Studio KB37

    Line 6 POD Studio KB37 - "MIDI controller and Interface!!"


    The Line 6 POD Studio KB37 is a 37 key MIDI controller/keyboard that has a built in audio interface. This was the first unit like this that I have ever seen. It is not common to have a MIDI controller with a built in interface. Having this makes it t…

  • M-Audio Midisport Uno

    M-Audio Midisport Uno - "Very simple and works well. You will eventually need more MIDI INS and OUTS"


    The MIDI Sport Uno is a small plug and play MIDI device that is so simple to set up. You install the drivers then plug it in and you can use it right away. It does not require any power supply and it connects to your computer through USB. The proble…

  • MOTU Micro Lite

    MOTU Micro Lite - "5 ins and 5 outs, small and worth the buy"


    The MOTU Micro Lite is a 5 in and 5 out MIDI interface that connects to your PC through USB 2.0. Using the Micro Lite has made it a lot easier for me when I go to studios and to other musicians' houses because it has allowed me to use it with my keyb…