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Motorized MIDI Control Surfaces user reviews

  • Avid Artist Control

    Avid Artist Control - "Loving this unit"


    The Avid Artist Control has 4 touch sensitive motorized faders and programmable buttons and knobs. There are transport controls on this unit which is one of the reasons I feel like it is so much better than the Artist Mix from Avid. The touch screen …

  • Avid Artist Mix

    Avid Artist Mix - "Not so good for Clubs"


    The Avid Artist Mix is a control surface that has 8 touch sensitive faders that are all motorized. There are also rotary encoders and all buttons can be programmed with your DAW software. This control surface is compatible with Mac and PC computers a…

  • Mackie Control Universal Pro

    Mackie Control Universal Pro - "nice feel"


    The Mackie Control Universal Pro gives you smooth fader control with the responsive feel of some very expensive analog boards from years past. The faders are touch sensitive 100mm, and they are motorized. There is a full meter display that will show…

  • Mixed Logic Mixed Logic M24

    Mixed Logic Mixed Logic M24 - "Nice control surface, but no ins or outs"


    The Mixed Logic M24 is the ultimate control interface for someone who has a medium sized studio. There are a total of 24 motorized faders on the m24, and 24 pan controls as well. This surface is very well built and will last a long time. It reminds …

  • Euphonix MC Control

    Euphonix MC Control - "motorized faders"


    The Artist Mix is made by Euphonix and it is a control interface that has motorized faders and all of the buttons and knobs can be programmed to work with your DAW. This control interface is so easy to use, and you can use it on Windows computers and…

  • Mackie Control Universal

    Mackie Control Universal - "3 MIDI in and MIDI out"


    The Mackie Control Universal is a solid work station that has 9 faders and all of them are motorized. there are over 50 total buttons on the Control Universal and most of them are fully customizable and can be synced with whatever you want them to co…

  • Digidesign Control 24

    Digidesign Control 24 - "Control Pro Tools"


    The Digidesign Control 24 is an excellent choice for your hardware console if you can afford it. I have not used a better console in all of my years mixing. This unit is very big and expensive, most of us don’t have the room for even if we could affo…

  • Euphonix MC Mix

    Euphonix MC Mix - "Mastering and Mixing made simple"


    The Euphonix Artist Mix is a control surface that has 8 motorized faders and all of the buttons are programmable. It can be used on your Mac or your PC if your system meets the right requirements. The Artist Mix gives you complete control over all of…

  • Steinberg CC121

    Steinberg CC121 - "Time to get rid of our mouse Cubase Users!"


    The CC121 by Steinberg is a USB control interface for Cubase that will sync right up so fast it will make your head spin. There really is no installation involved besides the drivers if needed. I have been using this interface for 2 years now , and I…

  • PreSonus FaderPort Classic

    PreSonus FaderPort Classic - "Connect it and use it"


    The PreSonus FaderPort is a 1 channel USB Fader that has transport controls. It only cost 129 and can be purchased at almost any retailer online or in store. For it to be such a low priced unit, it sure is well built. It was a lot heavier than I thou…