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Fredgafieira 07/30/2013

iCon QCon : Fredgafieira's user review

«  light up your nights! »

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I use it for 6 months.
I also had a Tascam FW and 01V96VCM.

The +:
- The price
- The LED on every level
- Illuminated function keys
- Not too thick

The -
- Pblm recognition by some DAW. I struggled a bit with Cubase early. With Reaper laché I do! ..
- Works 90% I mean that there is no effect qq features (eg SHIFT-PAN, pressing the button .. PAN)
- Latest firmware a little unstable (the faders on the move!)
- Two USB cables, so two ports needed on the computer
- Look a little too uniform .. I have liked to different keys only for the Transport section for example ..
- Dimension a little big for my security config. Moreover, having had a 01V hands, I do not understand that we can not keep to 17 channels in a 19 "width! (Plus a couple of cm for transport). Ditto for Mackie, Tascam d 'aillor ..
- Virtually no support (almost no update firmware to correct some pblm, and no reactions iCon developers who have many things to do to adapt to their console apps such as Reaper ...

Very good Q / P anyway. (Almost) everyone agrees to say btw.
Less than 1000 euro with the extension, the fact that anyway!
I do not know if I would do this choice. For the price, yes, for the support: no!