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fabamarie 10/07/2011

iCon QCon : fabamarie's user review

«  no more mouse clicks »

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I think it's really an equivalent of the MCU for only 500 euros, it lacks just a few buttons from the Makie but not essential
the screen is superb, it tilts, it is excellent, very readable, lots of room elsewhere so this general area is spacious and therefore takes up space on the desktop. good solid feel as

I use Logic for today (you must use the layer provided that the keys are), it operates in Mackie control. must update the firmware and it can be done on Windows for now (the faders work best)

what to say, I use it now since I read all the instructions on the Logic control with a Mackie control surface, it is clear, not simple but clear, much thanks to the option buttons, cmd , ctr, shift or Mac and Logic (these buttons are present on the Qcon) eg disable mute all of a sudden, + mute option, like for recording, solo etc. .... set the fader to 0dB pan to select option + 0
short, there are many things to include but ultimately you can do almost anything without a mouse (even have to click on ok, cancel or ignore it sometimes appears on the screen)

directing an equalizer, compressor, short, plugs, it is necessary to control the menus but it's doable, I will know in time I'm faster with the mouse or on the surface (since I did that for today)

the jog is really great, I had never been there but I can not do without it, we gain a lot of time, the zoom buttons I find it quite boring, except to work fine (I will configure nanoKONTROL me to do this quickly)

short, his only real fault is the space but allows a job really spacious and pleasant. I'm not a fan of the keys I hope that over time they will be more enjoyable and

I love the light of detent knobs and jog

it's really a good product, while aluminum casing like the Mac, friendly and much cheaper than other surfaces when the market has seen some sell at this price in an old Mackie noon, I hesitated because you can IPAD also have at that price but I had already tired eyes of the screens and what about the Euphonix increased from 800 to 1200 euros, becoming Avid and some sell for 800 euros OCCAZ '

I really regret it. it's nice and new to really work with the ears not to hear all the time the mouse click, for example when you enable or disable a filter, this is done in two seconds and listen real difference, if means is not well up the volume, use is made solo brief details that would do well to three mouse clicks and there are two hands with the ears turned to the speakers

I am surprised that no one left to notice before because it is really a good product
you can read another review here which is great and served me well, but for Cubase, he explains everything really unpacking to finish the top

the small is really missing to see the levels on the screen when the music is running, trail running to know what is annoying especially when you exceed the 10 tracks since I am not very organized in my mix

In any case it is a great product, I do not really regret this purchase
I'll add things when I have well used, though ownership because I think that unlike the nanokontrol2, over time I will use it more