joelllb 01/20/2014

Steinberg CC121 : joelllb's user review

«  Excellent complete controller for Cubase »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought this controller there about a week and I use it with Cubase Artist 7.5. I was looking for a full controller in recent years which has several controls: transportation, EQ, the channel portion with a fader and the jog. Here everything is and falls easily to hand.

AI KNOB can be used in different ways either JOG where you can set the type of JOG shuttle or scrub either control a specific parameter for VST version> 2.0 In general, any VST using the scroll wheel on your mouse to change the value of a potentiometer can be assignable.

The fader is accurate and it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of touch. The equalizer knobs are notched but still allow enough finely adjust the settings. Note that since the 1.6 update these potentiometers are used to adjust the level of SEND effects by pressing and ALL TYPE EQ BYPASS. When support simultaneously EQ TYPE and the desired EQ it reverses the dB value that you configured buttons ON the slice. If you were to +12 dB -12 dB so you'll immediately.

You can use it with or without external power supply provided that allows to have the motorized fader. You can set functions at will for the 4 function buttons located on the right. Potentiometer VALUE can either adjust the MAIN MIX the level of the metronome. When you press the knob you can either cut the metronome or mute the MAIN MIX.

Overall it is very comprehensive and it works immediately on Cubase. I have always worked in Cubase so I can not tell you what happens on other sequencers.

The classic channel set part and enables the recording of selected channel to solo, mute etc ... Note that when you press both buttons CHANNEL SELECT at the same time it opens or closes a file multiple tracks , this is a VST folder tracks or track type directory. Note that the faders VST, for example when using a VST type Addictive Drums outgoing multi-channel, fader controller can completely control the level of these virtual tracks. It is thus not limited only to the actual tracks.

Overall therefore it is very comprehensive and for the price I paid (160 € used) it was absolutely unbeatable. The price / quality ratio is good I find even if Steinberg could sell below € 300 new.

Listed manufacturing quality is at the top, you have a controller that weighs his weight with a thick aluminum panel and the rest is made with a thick, sturdy metal casing. Yamaha is producing the hardware is made in Japan which it's tough.