mitch 04/26/2010

Steinberg CC121 : mitch's user review


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I use it for about a year. I have not tried other models before. It is my opinion of good hardware though a bit expensive. IMMEDIATELY recognized cubase 5, config super simple. CASC was all possible parameters of a track in Cubase, including a motorized potentiomtre for volume. That said, I do not use it anymore because too noisy, and often when changing track volume pot jumps in all directions, do not have their hands on it. It's not very practical but I think some people like a. And food specially for this slider is really horrible, impractical and Plutt looks fragile. For me, the fader is motorized gadget. I'm volumes mouse is more specific on. I prefer the big round button that takes the place of the mouse wheel and can be locked on a function such as the reverb level of lead vocals, or the speed of the scraper trmolo or a band of four finally what we want and a fawn very simple. It's really good. It is also our four assignable buttons any function (well, APRS update usb driver, firmware and even cubase). But it works well. Using it, we quickly forget the keyboard and mouse are working right hand, left hand and CC121 going very fast. BMOL even when small: it is better to cut the module to boot XP because the computer might not Get You Started all. Switch CC121 XP once launched and then Cubase and roll alone.
The quality-price ratio? bin a bit expensive but good quality except the fader in metal hull, pretty LEDs, nice stuff.
Not having tried other controllers, I can not really compare but I like it and I am a hard spare.