sw80 10/09/2012

Steinberg CC121 : sw80's user review

« Time to get rid of our mouse Cubase Users! »

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The CC121 by Steinberg is a USB control interface for Cubase that will sync right up so fast it will make your head spin. There really is no installation involved besides the drivers if needed. I have been using this interface for 2 years now , and I use it as much as possible whenever it is around. The CC121 is very well built that’s why it cost a little more than other similar units. It is made out of stronger metal and it is a heavier unit than expected. It has 26 soft keys and 4 assignable ones, 15 knobs, 1 fader and connects to your computer through USB.

This control interface is truly Cubase Ready. Don’t waste your time getting this if you are not a Cubase user and have understand of how Cubase works. Each DAW has devices like this so you will need to find one that will suit you. But if you are a Cubase user and Lover like I am then this is a must buy. The touch fader is very accurate and smooth. If you want to have your EQ in Cubase controlled externally then the CC121 can take that task one and do it great.

This will pretty much let Cubase users get completely rid of the mouse. It is just so much easier using this then it was grabbing the mouse every time for such basic functions. I am happy that I chose to use this control interface. It has lasted this long and I don’t see it every stop working on me because of how well it is built. I have tried several different types of control interfaces with Cubase. Some made for Cubase and some not, but the CC121 has beat out any other one that I have used or tried. It truly is a gem for any Cubase user. Great quality and speeds up your work flow. Throw your mouse away!