Avid Artist Mix
Avid Artist Mix

Artist Mix, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Avid in the Artist series.

keaven67 07/28/2013

Avid Artist Mix : keaven67's user review

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"How long have you use it?"

6 months

"Have you tried many other models before buying it?"

BCF 2000 Qcon Icon Pro, D-command, Mackie Control

"What is so special that you like most and least?"

+ Does not take up too much space on the desktop
+ Everything you need on hand
+ Easy installation and handling
+ Touch fader and knob

Absence of assignable button (why should consider the artist to control the same range), personally I use an iPad for the assignable button with the application "actions". So the artist duo mix Ipad works really well!

"How would you rate the quality / price?"

I think you can find it cheaper to just as well, for against the big plus point of this control surface is its size. No need to put the keyboard and mouse in a corner to squeeze everyone in the office. So comfortable working!

"With experience, you do again this choice?"