Edirol UM-1X
Edirol UM-1X

UM-1X, MIDI Interface from Edirol in the UM series.

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All user reviews for the Edirol UM-1X

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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stompboxjon's review"Small device .. you will eventually outgrow it"

Edirol UM-1X
The Edirol UM-1X is a 1 in and 1 out USB MIDI interface, the MIDI cord is pretty long as well as the USB side of it. So you can reach your gear no matter where it might be in the room. The device is very small and can be taken anywhere with you. The UM1X has very fast processing of MIDI DATA and you wont experience much latency. It also has LED indicators to let you know that MIDI data is being passed from your gear through the UM-1X. Setting it up is very easy in any DAW you might be using, since its just a 1 in and 1 out there are not issues with trying to set up multiple channels. It is truly a plug and play unit.


I have never experienced a update for the drivers. The disk that comes with the UM-1X had the right driver to work with all programs and systems. I used it on my Intel Core i7 desktop computer and never experienced any issues with it. I still own it I just don’t use it much. If you want to switch the MIDI gear to a different piece of gear you may have to restart the UM-1X or close out of your session, I did experience some minor issues with changing the MIDI gear in the middle of a project.


It is a small affordable MIDI adapter that plugs into your computer via USB. If you are in need of a MIDI connection this one will serve its purpose for your small set up, but as your studio grow you will need to get a different MIDI interface with more ins and outs because 1 just wont be enough once you get more gear. I am happy with my choice to use the UM-1X while I had it, it has low latency and works great.

snoot58's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UM-1X
This interface is perfect for use with a numrique piano (Clavinova). It is cross-platform, can work without special drivers, and particularly good compatibility with Linux trs. It allows me, combining my Clavinova, to record my improvisations and write compositions. It also allows use my Clavinova as an expander to play MIDI files of piano accompaniment (with his best a soundfont player).
I use part of the IBM X20 laptop (P3 600 Mz, 192 MHz RAM) and IBM R50 (P4M 1.7 GHz, 512 MB RAM) under Windows 2000, Linux and winWP.
I use it mostly with in combination with squenceur rosegarden4, sometimes to control the virtual synthtiseur zynaddsubfx or using Timidity (soundfont player).


The drivers are very stable, especially since they are Intgr in the operating system. However, for bnficier Reduces latency of drivers under Windows, it must pass through an installation process particulire and always plug into the same USB port. To use the Linux driver (module snd-usb-audio) without conflict, it is better to connect to APRS interface booting from Systm (otherwise the problem can be dtection matic).
I do not know if the windows drivers are often fast days, but as those provided with the CD-Rom work well ...
I do not see how it would be possible to saturate the MIDI interface with just a Clavinova. So everything works without problem, even with a modest configuration.


I use it for six months. I love the possibility to use it with any computer without installing anything. It is a pity to use against the driver windows optimized it a flaw position switch on the interface, and remains a perceptible latency, teachers to play live. But this comes from a weak windows OS that is not a time rel, and the interface does what it can ...
I have not tried before in other models because it is the only SPECIFICATIONS our answer my needs.
The report quality price of the article is good trs. Its operation is satisfactory trs.
I would do without this choice problem. But the future, manufacturers will add systmatiquement USB connectivity in addition to MIDI, and that kind of Casing will have no reason to be!

sporniket's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UM-1X
I chose the interface based on its compatibility with Linux (but apparently I have a too old version of ALSA, there should I install at least version 1.0.7 and I'm lazy) and the fact that the MIDI cables are Intgr (a m'vite to buy). I use it with my expander.

I'm working on a compatible PC Athlon 1400, 640 MB RAM, Windows 2000 and Linux.

No problem with Windows.


Uses the standard USB-MIDI, so a ds should work day I would put my Linux ALSA. For Windows, the drivers are ok Edirol not provided.


I use it for 2 months (when I made music ...), not know.