M-Audio Merge 2x2
M-Audio Merge 2x2
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All user reviews for the M-Audio Merge 2x2

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papi1970's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Handy!"

M-Audio Merge 2x2
2 IN 2 OUT redistributed mixable!


In my case, it is interlayered between my Korg T1 used in between other master keyboard, and my DX7. This little box has allowed me to retain both the game layer (T1/DX7) and steering the DX by an external sequencer. My master keyboard from a MIDI OUT and Thru to the inputs IN, OUT goes to the DX7 and the other to a Piano Module (MKS20). And my DX is driven either by my or my T1 sequencer (Roland MV8000) or both!


I acquired this little box by chance when I bought my MV8000, the seller gave it to me, and I almost thought not refuse to use it, how wrong could I do! !
This box 2x2 1x4 Thru with the same manufacturer I was exempt from the purchase of a dispatch.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Merge 2x2
Slimcase Split / Merge MIDI.
2 among 2 outputs.
Power not supplied externally.

The case is sturdy enough, mtallique and relatively thick, screwed base fold. Everything is not afraid transport or the scene. Catches also seem fairly beefy, but I do not know if they will hold Connecting years / dbranchement (I rarely dbranche). Small anti-draping skates. In short, a good little simple and well finished product that feels good quality and functional aesthetics.


From the point of view operation, the two entries are merges. The resulting signal is then dispatch to both outputs. Of course, cel work if one is connected between (pure split) and even if only one output is used (pure merge). It is possible that the housing must be powered in some cases.
I essentially serve to route my MIDI clock and to overcome the lack of MIDI THRU some a bit older machines. Strangely, sometimes without touching the connections from one day to another the power supply is sometimes ncessaire and sometimes not (often the case in several configs diffrentes tested on multiple machines)! So in the end, I always use no history of food take my head.


I love versatilit it offers. Either merge or split, or both. It allowed me to get out of some situations with my config MIDI moldy. Handy, one should always have this kind of thing in the corner in case o ... (I have both).

This is good stuff but ncessitant an external power supply to operate properly in 3 cases out of 4. In the end, the total price may therefore appear a little lev.

Nico53's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Merge 2x2
A merger / thrubox. 2 inputs, 2 outputs.
An optional power supply to compensate for voltage drops of the line if it takes too MIDI ... seen above that normally the Merger is powered by the 5V MIDI.
Function "all notes off" to power.
MIDI for my configs a little far-fetched at times
With keyboards, pedals control, sound modules, synths and virtual hard, etc ... no worries.


Instructions completely useless.
Hyper Rugged, metal case (and very thick!)
connectivity super tough too.
Few problems with the power of my system ... sometimes the MIDI merger plant me some link to but once you disconnected / reconnected, it's ancient history, works very well. Never comes into full play, always turned on. it seems to the fact that the power supply via MIDI solicited is not bad ... so nothing too serious.
So good I bought a second!
the concern when you chain two is that suddenly it takes on the MIDI way too so we really have to add an external power supply. And then you say: "They have been smart, all notes off function will be controlled either via the MIDI power but that of the external power supply and ..."... bah non. the biggest problem when some old equipment that can not emit all notes off ... it was cool to be able to switch the external power supply (with a push button) to send all notes off to all slave devices. ... .. but not impossible ... damage.


I use the last 4 years. excellent product, reliable and robust. no complaints.
As against that detail all notes off function could be assumed by the manufacturer and downright integrate a button box to send this message by hand, in addition to securing all notes off the start.
I never tried anything else ... it must be said that roughly two handy to have ... we can already make config sophisticated enough for cheap because the price / quality ratio seems really good. they patch boxes / Edirol USB MIDI interface with too, it seems not bad, it handles all the routing between its 5 th / s via USB in a soft, with the possibility of the merge and thru .. . but version 5 e / s looks pretty expensive.
I would do so without hesitation ... that choice since it works great for a price attractive enough.

Passss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Merge 2x2
Choice motivated by price and simplicity of the product
used to synchronize my pc, my groovebox (roland mc303) and my MIDI controller (uc33 evolution)
also uses a midi output to double
My girlfriend loves the color (pink), I would have AIM this product is available in other colors (especially for those who have more).


Nothing wrong, you branch and it works.
Notice trs succinct, but there's nothing good to say.
I had a choice between using the box or via software to do with my pc quip multiple MIDI outputs, and I do not regret having bought the merge 2 * 2 is much more + simpler and more flexible.


1 year of use
it is solid (tomb of 1m20 and has nothing)
really cheap and ultra convenient for the twelve o'clock configs varies.

I would do this choice (also soon)

akou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Merge 2x2
This trs-merger market well and does not need area for the use I made,
even when the sector is selling spare
He allows me to double my EMX between noon and one for sync (RS7000) and one for MIDI sequencing (Fruity Loops)


I never had to worry saturation, no problems running
Note all the same if the two signals are not sent along with the merger does not merge well, maybe it's what the industry is !?!?!


Report qualitprix: EXCELLENT
I buy a second dailleurs
I would do the same choice
Pakupaku (lcl)01/21/2004

Pakupaku (lcl)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Merge 2x2
Midi merger (mlangeur) food by wiring noon.
In principle, any keyboard relatively rcent (post 80) send enough juice for the weak need the box. used without the need for power supply industry.


Use could not be more simple:
MIDI is merge the two incoming MIDI, adds them, and sends your exact the same on both outputs.

in other words, there is no possibility of filtering does not rvez for this award because the filter cost much more. on the other hand if you have two keyboards, or a master keyboard and a control surface, and you want to control your PC, or PC with a physical machine (for example) is the box for you!


One year of use, no worries, no complaints.
doing his job like all the boxes Midiman, robust and reliable ...