M-Audio Ex-P
M-Audio Ex-P

Ex-P, MIDI Pedal from M-Audio.

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Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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mrjason's review"affordable and long lasting"

M-Audio Ex-P
The M Audio EX-P is a great MIDI pedal and it will work with all of your M Audio MIDI controllers. This is currently the only pedal that I own but it is the only Pedal that I need for my Axiom Controller. It is well made and will hold up a long time. I have been using this pedal for about 5 years and it still looks like I just took it out of the plastic for the first time. It does not slip on smooth surfaces, like here in my studio I have wood floors and it does not slide across them at all. Also I have used it in a garage before where the floor was very cold and smooth (concrete). It still held up great and did not slide on me.
Use can use this pedal with any controller that has inputs for pedals. There are grips on the top part of it where you foot goes to prevent your foot from slipping off of the pedal while performing with it. I remember when I first got this pedal how stiff it was to use at first. It was almost like you have to break it in which is understandable because it only cost about 35 dollars back then so I expected to have to deal with some stuff from it. But the fact that it is still holding up to this day and it has been using hundreds of times is amazing. This pedal is well build and high quality, it seems rather light and plastic like but it will still hold up and now break.
M Audio offers several similar style pedals and this is one of the cheaper ones that they make. I recommend getting this pedal if you are in the market to look for a pedal for your MIDI controller.

gnoulie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Hmm ..."

M-Audio Ex-P
I use it for 10 days.
This is the first model in expression pedal that I tried.
What is nice is the potentiometer "tab", which allows to determine the nonzero mini volume when the pedal is fully lowered.
What is less known is his design a bit lousy, and "plastic" fragility.
It is cheaper than its counterparts from Yamaha or Roland, but given its lack of reliability and robustness, it begs the question correctly, legitimacy opt for the two brands mentioned above.
I do not do this choice.
Details of my experience:
The first brand new EX-P did not work: I realized then that he lacked the control link between the pedal and the potentiometer => back to the store (like what, buy store and not online has certain advantages. ..), which directly provides me another replacement.
It stopped working after qq jrs of use that can not really be described as intensive: diagnostic link slotted plastic. This rod is fitted tightly on the potentiometer shaft, and I imagine that M-Audio has the supply knobs whose axis ranged in diameter, result: crack! I'm guessing after reattached: the installation ('should push hard enough), re-crack! I finally taped the link with fiber tape and've added a nylon strap, sometimes called "Rilsan" or "Tyr-app", and it holds. But the rest of the general constitution does not give more confidence to therefore evaluate the duration ...
I do not congratulate M-Audio on that shot. In such crappy, there are cheaper ...

Hindy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful but capricious ...!"

M-Audio Ex-P
I bought two pedals to control volume on my keyboard.
Pretty, pretty heavy, pleasant to use (must tighten the inter-axis to avoid the feeling of having nothing underfoot), do not slip on the floor and under the sole and are well finished.
The problem ... if it worked fine the first few performances, it was quickly degraded. Indeed, the knobs too fragile and exposed begin to have contact defects that result in cuts sound (control returns to 0 intermittently during a mounted volume). Sometimes they can not find more non-0 when they are mini (Symptoms identical on both pedals).
I was able to "catch" a bomb blows of contact potentiometers but the second ... impossible. This will result in a return guarantee.
Eventually these two pedals will stay at home, away from moisture and dust, and I'll get something more reliable and robust.

speedkills's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Horrible"

M-Audio Ex-P
I bought it a year ago to complete my Ring Thing and to use the function (whammy).

And it's great no matter what! I suspected that the plastic is cheap (we are in entry level), but from there it behaves differently depending on conditions!? For example, when it is too cold, Ms. refuses to remain at 0. This is absolutely brilliant when it controls the pitch. In the same vein I can not explain why sometimes it describes a signal just ready right, and other times when it is not AT ALL it (like on a pitch that is great to have a completely random staircase ...).
Add to that that pressing a little when it is above 100% it starts to derail, and you guessed it you are one of the most beautiful gag rehearsal.

I chose it because with limited resources I wanted to save money. If I had known I would have saved a little more and willingly paid double for a boss who holds the road.

covax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cheap, but satisfying ..."

M-Audio Ex-P
As already mentioned it is quite satisfactory. We appreciate the dial to adjust the threshold MIDI.
Is the control that is not necessarily obvious. I think it is too soft. Difficult to get the desired value.
Depending on your use it may be sufficient as not fit all.
When a purchase it will be necessary to take account of this negative can make all the difference.

Tobel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Ex-P
MIDI expression pedals simple, reasonably priced, good quality of a trs manufacturing, which does not slip on a smooth tile. And it works perfectly!

A potentiomtre can rgler MIDI minimum value at rest and switch select the mode (M-Audio hardware or other). So there is everything you need to play with nuance!

Note that the E-MU XBoard keyboards agrees perfectly how to use "M-Audio".

Trs good choice I do it again with his eyes closed!