M-Audio Sp-2
M-Audio Sp-2

Sp-2, MIDI Pedal from M-Audio.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
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moosers's review

M-Audio Sp-2
The M-Audio SP-2 is a sustain pedal for use with electronic and MIDI keyboards. It's compatible with anything that has a 1/4" output for a sustain pedal, which is going to be pretty much every digital keyboard out there. It's got the traditional design for a sustain pedal however, as it's not the cheap press down button that you'll see a lot of out there. This is for players who want a more realistic feel for their sustain pedal, somewhere in the vein of that you'd get while playing a real piano. It can be used for applications beyond sustain as long as your keyboard has the option for sending to another kind of pedal, however, probably 9 times out of 10 people are going to be using the SP-2 for sustaining, and that's what I've used it for as well. I've used the SP-2 along with an M-Audio Axion 61 MIDI controller and I've found it to do the job adequately for inducing sustain into your sound. I love that it has a realistic feel like a real piano would, and while it doesn't feel as sturdy as a real one would, it's close enough to get the job done. I personally don't have this at home but I'm thinking about making an upgrade to it as I've only got a simple press down sustain pedal as of now. This is a lot better and more realistic as I've found out while using it at a home studio where I work with the producer who owns it. The M-Audio SP-2 isn't going to cost you too much at all and if you're after a realistic feel all around for your MIDI controller or other electronic keyboard, the SP-2 or something like it is definitely a good thing to pick up.

pianota's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Almost perfect!"

M-Audio Sp-2
I use it for a few weeks ...

I already had "square" style pedals fc5 yamaha, casio sp3 ... Obviously, nothing.
To get a feel "close" to a piano, it is better to move towards a standard pedal piano, that's for sure!

Otherwise, I also had a susped stagg 10 (perfect grip on the ground, not moving! But poor pedal feel, action, too soft, too soft spring, not enough resistance). I also tested a Casio SP20 (very expensive) action firmer than stagg foot and a little less than the m audio, m audio as adhesion and therefore worse than the stagg.

This audio M is almost perfect: pedal feel great! Action closes, very nice. Flat for adhesion, the pedal moves after a while (think of replacing it from time to time) and it makes noise after a period of time (squeak, squeak ...). EN playing with headphones or an amp ext, we hear nothing but the internal hp piano, it's not terrible.

Value for very good price.

I would do this choice, unless other models sharing this very good firm action to the foot, can overcome the adhesion of the contact and silence.

FYI: m audio firm but noisy and unstable / casio moderately firm, quiet and not very stable and stagg super stable, quiet but too soft.

tanguytare's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but ....."

M-Audio Sp-2
I use it for two days

No other pedal sustain tried before

The concern I have is that the pedal seems to work backwards? Indeed, for the sustain pedal should be in a high position, is this normal or are t he a manipulation to be done to the pedal action is effective by pressing the pedal down? Mystery!

the sustain is endless when it 's a wish. I do not know if there is a setting designed to limit in time?

if it does its job perfectly.
the bubble05/27/2013

the bubble's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good product ..... just missing the half pedal function"

M-Audio Sp-2
received last Friday. I am a pianist, I manage the depression of the pedal full, half and quarter pedal etc. (for those who understand). I had at least five pedals "sustain" or (rather strong is the appropriate word) basic plastic that are not at all realistic in the fc4 yamaha which ran the half pedal. the fc 4 dropped me after five years of service. it did not take on tile so it was unplayable, forced to taping on stage foirade during recordings (even taped it moves) what the galley. I bought the sp2 because it was the cheapest, so I'm not risking much. Well good surpise: flexible but hard to walk, accurate, and besides it does not move with its rough rubber coating. I grip a minute while I've never been able to master in other years. Sunday she was in concert and the same conclusion: it changes your life! It lacks one thing: half pedal function on my digital but I do not play classical it's too risky. So to accompany me on songs such French song that is enough. As confirmed pianist and piano teacher, I recommend this product, so to say, takes a thorn from the pianist. And I'm not the type to praise the products systematically.

+ Very good "taken up"!
+ Precise and flexible
+ Does not move when you play
+ Switch polarity reversal

No half-pedal function

Creasound77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

M-Audio Sp-2
I confirm the two previous opinions, Pedal SP-2 from M-Audio is a very good pedal. I had the Yamaha FC4 particular, and a pedal similar to the phase inverter with SP2 (which you can connect this type of pedal on ALL keyboards and synths), M-Audio has the huge plus: its weight! It is heavy enough, is guaranteed not to escape from under the feet when you use it, which is not the case for two other models I've owned. She also has a "feel" close to a real piano pedal, which is nice.
In short, the foot might say!
I remake that choice without hesitation.


kinikon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Eyes closed!"

M-Audio Sp-2
to support the view of HooDoo00, I confirm that this pedal is definitely the best on the market!
Maybe because of its "volume", DJs and others will find it a little big, but for others it is a real pedal like the piano "
I have one for many years and have never encountered any problem, I just to buy another for a second keyboard (included with the keyboard but not worth a Carambar) ...
in view of what can be done elsewhere (even from M-Audio), I highly recommend this pedal, ergonomic and safe .. performance

So, yeah, great pedal to buy with your eyes closed for less than 30 euros, including postage-(see the comparative prices)

HooDoo00's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Sp-2
I use it for only 3 days with a keyboard controller M-Audio Axiom, but in truth, a sustain pedal, it traveled fast.

What I like most about this pedal is its weight that allows you to remain perfectly still on the ground when used, even on a polished floor with me.

I never tried other pedals before except that of my piano and the feeling is much the same.

Level for money? I do not know if it's worth talking about for 30 euros ... but to play the game, let's say that's reasonable.

After some tests I can say that I do it again this election, because we have much more control of sounds, and you can even bring out aspects of them we did not know before trying the pedal. And to play with a good plug in to acoustic piano is essential.