AnalogX Arpeggiator [Freeware]
AnalogX Arpeggiator [Freeware]

Arpeggiator [Freeware], MIDI Plug-in from AnalogX.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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stompboxjon's review"freeware!"

AnalogX Arpeggiator [Freeware]
The AnalogX Arpeggiator is a free software that you can download and start using in no time. It works wonders for people who like to arp instruments. Its actually better than most standard arps that come in programs and best of all its free and will work great with your software. If you don’t understand how arps operate you could have a few learning problems with this software. You have to understand how arps work and how they use steps. This plug in looks pretty basic to us who use arps a lot and understand them.


The AnaologX Arpeggiator ran great on my Toshiba Satellite laptop when I was using it in FL Studio 8. My laptop is not that fast at all and isn’t up to day but the Arpeggiator still ran great and caused no problems when installing it or when running it with multiple instances. I would use it to arp 2 different instrument synths at the same time and it would work great.


Overall, its very good to use this software and not have to worry about it crashing on you. Most Freeware plug ins have a lot of issues and bugs and they wont work right with your program. But that is no issue with this one. The AnalogX Arpeggiator will allow you to do a lot with the arps and give you total control over the arp. Unlike most built in arps that come in programs you don’t have total control over how the arp operates but this will surprise you. You have nothing to lose with this software, its free. Download it and give it a shot. If you don’t like it you can always un install it and no harm done. But im suree you will like it. So download it and see what the buzz is about you. You will be shocked on how good this free program actually is.

moosers's review

AnalogX Arpeggiator [Freeware]
AnalogX's Arpeggiator software is free MIDI based arpeggiator that is available for Windows platforms. It's a pretty simple piece of software, but there is definitely a good amount that can be done with it. Downloading and installing it should only take a matter of minutes as it can be downloaded directly from AnalogX's website. You can use it within any sort of MIDI based synthesizer or sampler. The interface of the software is generally pretty simple once you get the hang of it. There are eight stages that each have eight marks to set where you want to arpeggiate. It's a really simple, almost old looking interface. I haven't ever had a need to check out the manual for this software...


When I was running the AnalogX Arpeggiator, it was on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv8000 lap top with a 3.0 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM. I ran it with a variety of different MIDI synthesizers when I didn't have any built in arpeggiating options. It's definitely a lot easier to use than a lot of arpeggiators in virtual synths, and it definitley allows you to do a lot more than you normally would be able to do. As far as performance goes, this software always doesn't take up any processing power at all, so the majority of users should be okay.


The main reason that I'd recommend the AnalogX Arpeggiator to Windows/PC users is that it's free! You can't go wrong with a freebee no matter how you look at it, so it's definitely worth snabbing this one just in case. It's also worth playing around with for a minute or two, as even though it looks simple and out of date, it still works great for getting quick arpeggiator sounds in virtual synthesizers. While certainly not the prettiest piece of software, it's definitely worth the trade off...