Schecter Stiletto Studio-5
Schecter Stiletto Studio-5

Stiletto Studio-5, 5+ string bass guitar from Schecter in the Stiletto series.

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All user reviews for the Schecter Stiletto Studio-5

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
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MGR/Mr. Nobody02/13/2005

MGR/Mr. Nobody's review"Schecter Diamond Series Stilleto Studio 5"

Schecter Stiletto Studio-5
I was at the local Guitar Center and was looking at bass guitars. I wasn't really looking to buy anything, but this Schecter 5 string just jumped out at me. I played it for sometime at the store made the choice to take her home.

The laminate construction of this bass is very attractive and the Honey color is gorgeous. My band mates have started calling me "the babinga man" because of the babinga top. The 35-inch scale makes for very tight strings and the "B" is very responsive and not sloppy. Usually a 5 string can be a bit soft, and make speed a bit of a challenge while playing runs. The 18 volt pre amp gives this bass a growl that is hard to duplicate, and gives it sonic diversity. The neck through construction gives this bass nearly as much sustain as the Les Paul from the "Spinal Tap" movie. It just keeps on going.

It only comes with gold hardware; I would have liked the option of brushed chrome, or blackened chrome. The fact that a fitted case does not come with this bass is a little disappointing as well.

Laminate neck through construction with matching headstock, makes this a piece of art, as well as a tone monster. The tuners are nice and tight, and not sloppy. The tone and volume knobs are solid and smooth. The rear strap button (by the way strap buttons are over sized, even though it does not come with strap locks installed) is off set and makes for perfect balance. 35 inch scale is easy to play, and keeps the strings responsive.

Bottom Line, I would not be surprised if this line of basses rockets up to the lofty heights of Specter, Warwick, and Smith. I fully expect that in 5 years I would be able to get more for this bass than I originally paid for it. I've gigged out with it now on two occasions and it stays in tune and is a real workhorse. This bass has fully replaced my Fender Precision Elite.

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MGR/Latch's review"Schecter Stiletto Studio 5"

Schecter Stiletto Studio-5
I decided I wanted to finally make the move to a five string bass. I had thought long and hard on the sound that I wanted to acheive. I went into my local music shop and explained to the guy that I was interesed in the Fender American Jazz FMT, at the time Fenders latest. Tim told me that he had a bass that I should try before I spent the 1600+ on the fender. He said it was a guitar by the name of Schecter which was loaded with EMG pickups. And since I am an EMG fan I agreed. From the moment I hit the first note I was sold. The sound was undeniabley the tone I was looking for. Not to heavy but at the same time not to light. I found the growling sound that could be curved and contoured with the mid sweep on the active electronics. And all this for 600.00. Since then I have purchase the lined fretless.

I really love the neck thru design which give it a huge sustain and the EMG electronics that alows you to configure just the right sound. The Mahogany/Bubina body and the honey satin finish makes for a fine looking bass. And it doesn't have the neck breaking weight that some basses have. You know after 4 hours of giging you come to appreciate the light weight.

I read the other reviews of this bass and the recurring dislike is the buzzing of the B string. I experience the same. I found that after adjusting the action the buzz did go away but you did forfeit some action to acheive this. The other thing was that when replacing the strings you may have to adjust the action again depending on the brand of string. Or you could solve the problem like I did when I purchase the lined fretless model. This was the a very good move in my case. Unbelieveable action. Smooth and fast. No noise.

CONSTRUCTION: Neck-Thru Body,Mahogany/Bubina
NECK: MultiLaminate Maple/Walnut FINGERBOARD Rosewood SCALE: 35" INLAYS:Oval
HARDWARE: Satin Gold BRIDGE:Diamond Custom
TUNERS:Grover FRETS:24 Medium
I saw no blemishes and the craftmanship was great.

I feel that if you want a bass that will give you the sound and feel of the "over priced icon basses" this bass is the bass for you. I see the dealers around the country realizing that this is the bass people like you and I want to play and they won't be any easier to get, and surely not for the same price I paid.

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MGR/Edward 12/03/2002

MGR/Edward 's review"Schecter Studio-5 String Stilleto"

Schecter Stiletto Studio-5
I purchased the Bass in Sacramento CA. Neck-Thru Body BODY:Mahogany/Bubina NECK:MultiLaminate Maple/Walnut
BRIDGE:Diamond Custom TUNERS:Grover FRETS:24 Medium ELECTRONICS:EMG Hz w/ Active 3-Band EQ FINISHES:Honey Satin. 18 volt sys.

This Bass with its EMG HZ electronics Sounds warm too bright with the 18 volt electronics the bass is versatile. The tone if full of brightness unplugged. GHS strings ring on the 35" scale are great. Tight B.

We had to adjust the bridge for the b string it buzzed a little, but that was it.

The Honey finish is a bit orange looking but very nice. The Bubinga top is very nice on the wings. The neck though neck and frets are flawless. Fret board is on the flatter side compared to a MusicMan but for a 5 string it is just right. The control knobs are 2 larger and 3 smaller ones, one of the smaller ones was lose when we took it out of the box but with the tools provided I tweaked it.No flaws in the finish.

I have had Fenders, Musicman Stingray bass, and Played spectors, Ibanez, warwicks and countless others this bass rocks with the best of them and for the Money. I am now 42 and have played since my teens. Although I Play a rotating schedule with 8 other bass players at church now. The Bass is fat, but you may have a hard time finding one.

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sovietbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Stiletto Studio-5
Low made in Korea, assembled and adjusted in the USA. 24 Frets, 2 EMG active pickups Hz (18v!!), Bridge-type simple and effective (2réglages: action and accuracy, that is).

The handle is a conductor, a volume knob, a knob balance microphones and 3 knobs for EQ + / - 12 dB for bass mids and highs.

everything you need where you need it, my opinion is missing just one switch active-passive, it could have been interesting!


The English Channel is just great: quick end, and pleasant to the touch.
Access to the treble is almost too easy!
destabilizes the ergonomics a bit at first because the pitch is rather large (35 ") while the body is quite heavy colas ... bringing me down rather low, I put a little time to find a position that Memet comfortable with the instrument. The instrument is very pleasant to the touch, the varnish is particularly sweet .... and the bass is very easy to play. In terms of sound, the pickups are very well their job, and we arrive at a just about anything we want with this bass: the correction of mediums is just a bit confusing, it acts more as outline ...

in the global good. I'm in love.


I play the big sound very serious, and she does it very well. The Grave is very accurate, probably relative to the large pitch. I play on a Gallien-Krueger 1001 RB II which leaves very well spend more incisive timbre of the instrument. In the treble, the sound can be very mild, the blow is very solotage agréable.Elle is just because of its pitch not easy to handle in the grave at the beginning (I mimine small but ....) it is ....


For 900 Euros, I found a bass that bends many other instruments in the same price range, including Cort B5 that I used before, I have found no better at the moment in 5-string LEFT; a handed him may find it more easily but competing in the limited choices we have in other leftists 5 string of good quality at less than 1000 euros, this one is well above the lot. But widely.

I referrer this choice without hesitation, and I put 10 in global opinion by stressing the fact that being left-handed, I have less benchmarks than normal people.