Warwick Corvette $$ 5

Warwick Corvette $$ 5

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Corvette $$ 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Warwick in the Corvette series.

5 user reviews

Warwick Corvette $$ 5 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Warwick
  • Model: Corvette $$ 5
  • Series: Corvette
  • Category: 5+ string bass guitars
  • Added in our database on: 01/21/2008

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Warwick Corvette $$ 5 user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
Value For Money :
Audiofanzine FR11/09/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Warwick Corvette $$ 5
(Originally written by deadbird666/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Made in Germany.
24 frets neck, frets made of a golden metal alloy.
2 Musicman-type MEC humbucker pickups.
Warwick Just-a-nut III bridge
- 3-band EQ (high, mid and low)
- Volume knob with push/pull function (active/passive operating mode)
- One coil selector per pickup.
Very pleasant D-profile neck. Thicker than an Ibanez or Fender neck. Made out of 7 pieces (maple/ebony).
Ash body, Spalted Maple top and head veneer.
Abalone inlays (fingerboard edge and W-logo of the head).
Very responsive black sealed lubricated Warwick machine heads.

Following this objective description, my personal opinion: it's very simple, I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I wanted to buy a FNA Jazzman and I came back with this beauty.
I give it a 10 only because there is no higher mark!


Very easy handling. I was a bit afraid of the big Warwick neck but I immediately felt comfortable. I forgot an important detail: It's covered with a satin mat varnish making it very smooth to play. The neck is a real pleasure.
The instrument is well-balanced and the design is so good that you have the impression that it was made for the human body! When I play standing I carry it quite high (like Tim Commerford), it doesn't move and my hand finds the right position on the neck immediately.
It's relatively light compared to my previous BTB555 which almost disrupted blood circulation in my leg when I played sitting. Access to the upper frets is good, no problems whatsoever.
The knobs and switches are very effective. Just play and you'll find your own sound in no time!
Only critique: the space between strings is narrower than on my BTB555 and I had to get used to it!


I play every music style from Slipknot to Red Hot Chili Peppers and RATM and this bass guitar does the job without a problem.. The mid knob is the ultimate weapon for slap playing, it's stunning! From very fat to crystal-clear sounds, it can do everything! And you always get a massive output level! It's a majestic weapon! I can even get the typical Musicman sound with some EQ! With a hard attack on the strings the sound becomes wild! It combines the best of the world's best bass guitars!


I've owned it for two weeks and I'm in ecstasy. I have tested lots of bass guitars, including several Fender, but as soon as I put my hands on this wonder I just couldn't separate myself from it. It's THE bass guitar!
And this unique model is the most beautiful I've ever held in my hands, it's perfect in every respect. Critiques? I don't think so! It's perfect!
I know it's expensive but it's worth the money without a doubt! If I had to choose again, I would probably buy another bass guitar but it would be a Warwick for sure! A bassist friend of mine and another friend who works as a luthier for Vigier were amazed at this bass. There is absolutely no comparison to anything I've previously played. It's vivid, powerful and versatile!

PS: I have lots of pictures available so don't hesitate to contact me if you want more ;)

ithibaut's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 5
Warwick is a brand whose reputation and their reliability is guaranteed and proven.
Corvette $ $ 5c that I present is manufactured in Germany.
-The body is swamp ash into three parts.
-The handle ovangkol into three parts and the key Wenge. It is firmly screwed into four points.Il no marks on the key, just on the edge of the handle. It's not a problem in the top of the neck, but fall below the 15th box, you get lost a bit ...
-The bridge is a pure marvel. He wants a change of the mythical bridge Alembic. So, it consists of two parts, the tailpiece and the bridge itself. It has a wide base, top to sustain a long and I think it is melted in a copper alloy (yeah!). The bridge is fully adjustable (height, depth, spacing of the strings). The body of the bass was dug to hold the bridge is the wood of the body.
-The frets are in an alloy of silver and bronze. The little less is that they tend to oxidize, but nothing serious, at every change of strings, rub a little to clean and polish down the frets, is impeccable.
-The nut is made and unfortunately Wilferite copper as the old Warwick. Also adjustable at two points with regard to its height. It's called "just-a-nut II"
Warwick-Mechanical oil bath. It held the agreement fairly well, too well. I love running, it is very reactive, as opposed to a mechanical that I tested on fender P-bass
- The MEC pickups are humbuckers with two huge studs are as big as my little finger.
-Settings: Volume in push / pull switch for active / passive
a balance of microphones with a notch in the middle to balance the neck pickup and bridge pickup.
A 2-band EQ (acute, severe) with also with a notch in the middle of a race for its "neutral".
And finally two 3-position selector switch to the windings of microphones in parallel, single-Noise-and then in series.

Two straplocks are provided, as well as a key to adjust the truss-rod, and two allen key for the height of the bridge and pickups. A manual in several languages ​​(including French) a warranty booklet signed by the operator responsible for checking the quality of the instrument.


The manual is very comprehensive, and how to adjust the instrument. It is well balanced for a 5 string. At the same time, I have a wide leather strap.
The neck is very thick rounded ends and flat at the center super comfortable. U really. A cut was made at the junction body / sleeve which allows access to acute really cool. Against access by the boxes below in 22 is not always easy. (But who needs to go down so low in the neck?) I find that the handle is not too large for a 5 string, and rather late. After trying really low in stores, only an ibanez or a good jazz bass competition at the handle. 5-string precision sleeves are too wide, the ibanez atk too, the G & L (tribute, not the US) horrible and so on. The handle warwick is one of the best rounds of the world.
I like the bridge because you can remove the strings without having to spend a hole of a bridge (as opposed to bits of metal that acts as bridge Fender).
And no need to remove a cache truss-rod to adjust the handle, just to raise a small clape with his fingernail to access the truss-rod. Similarly to access a stack behind the body: two shots of nail and the cavity is revealed, beautifully row, but not shielded, too bad.
The settings are very intuitive and work quite well (EQ, balance, split passive / active ...)
It is neither heavy nor light and cons is not really nice. Screws in microphones embedded in plastic, which greatly facilitates the installation of an inch for a game with a finger.


A word to say: versatility.
The coils play an important role. In simple for jazz and a well rounded and warm, in parallel to a blues, funk or rock alone. And in series to the big rock, something heavy, because the microphones in full swing really.
It has the typical grain of Warwick, the growl indescribable. In tt case, it is naturally rich in low-mids. I easily found the sound I always dreamed of having. He takes off the fingers and a small side slam and punchy with a pick.
The sound of the bass is refined with the help of my amp. If the is really great for what I did. Not muddy or muffled.
I play everything, in all styles. You should know that just with the different configuration of the microphones, we have already an incredible range of sounds. And corroborates the whole preamp is really the best bass I've ever tried.
By boosting the treble a bit with the help of the preamp board, we could find a pure slap her, which is also very easy on the bass.
The notes are really loaded with harmonics, natural harmonics and sound for themselves (who want to pick Portrait of Tracy Pasto?).
Sometimes I play with an overdrive, and although the bass disappear a little, but once again corrected by the onboard preamp.


I am very pleased with my purchase. As a group, it stands out in the mix, if the grave is in agreement with the bass drum and provides a deep seat in the group. I have not yet done with, but it will not be long.
In short, I love it and I'm not ready to part with it unless I am offered a Rickenbacker.
It is a great value for money, for the 1270th was one of the most versatile basses on the market and that sound really thunder.

Well, I returned to play ...

chab5's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 5
Here I will give you advice on a full config warwick.
Later I changed the Ampeg amp, but I leave the intgralit of view, as a you can see the evolution of my opinion on stuff, if a may help some:)

Bass: Warwick Corvette 5 string doublebuck nirvana black
Available as 4, 5 or 6-string
Left-handed and fretless version available *
US Swamp Ash body
Ovangkol neck
Wenge fingerboard
Scale length: 34 "(long scale)
24 frets
Passive MEC MM-Style humbuckers with open pole piece and coil-switching For Each pickup: serial, parallel and as single coil
Active MEC 2-way electronics
Two 3-way mini-switches for Separate configuration of the humbuckers (serial / parallel / single-coil)
Finishes: Natural Oil Finish, Coloured Oil Finish and Stain High Polish Finish (Coloured Oil Finish and Stain High Polish Finish with extra charge)
Warwick tuners
2-piece Warwick bridge
Warwick security locks
Black hardware
Just-A-Nut III
** Weight: 3.9 kg (4-string), 4.3 kg (5-string)
Warwick Black Label strings: 4-string: 045 "- 105" (40200M), 5-string: 045 "- 135" (40301M)
Including Warwick "User Kit"
Including "Premium Line Plus" for electric bass RockBag
The amp Warwick Pro Fet 3.2
Dampli head low, 300W RMS @ 4 ohms, 19 "/ 2HE
Gain + LED clip
Adjustable Compressor
Contour variable
switches Deep, Bright and Mute
rglages Bass, Low Mid, High Mid and Treble
Loop deffets
DI output, intrrupteurs Pre / Post, ground lift, line out, tuner out, headphone
Weight: 12 kg
dimensions (L / h / l): 19 "x 2HE x 30 cm (34 cm with rack leases)
SETTING THE volume adapted
The Cabinet Warwick WCA 411-4 Pro (4 Ohm)
Power: 600W (max. 800W)
4 ohms
Parleurs4 High x 10 "(puissance150W, max. 200W, 16 ohms, 94dB, frquence of rsonance: 50Hz, frequency drives range: 35Hz-3500Hz)
Horn tweeter with attnuateur (puissance30W, max. 40W, 8 ohms, 95dB, frquence of rsonance: 2.5 kHz, end frequency drives: 1.2 kHz-20kHz)
Bass Reflex subwoofer
Weight: 39 kg
Dimensions (L / h / l): 0.62 x 0.67 x 0.49 m


The low: The handle is trs enjoyable and very similar to the Ibanez Soundgear sleeves (the top comfort), so stick a level not change my SR 505 BM. The ergonomics are well thought plutt, the balance is low, the equilibrium point is positioned at an angle of about 2:30. By sitting to play against it is better that the big fender well stall in the leg and under his arm. Overall its small size, compared to amricains tanks, making it playable trs regardless of your size. CHAC is very easy to acute, there is no back button, (there is on the edge of the button), so we lost a little beginners, but you get used to quickly <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> . For sound you can get a range of incredibly rich! That is the big highlight of the bass sound more warwick <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> . Its configuration allows you to consider micro infinite sounds just! (IDAL for those hsitent pickups for config of future low, with the config you can do 90% of the low. (The exceptions are the twin config Jazz in Warwick, or the microphones al s to the handle such as HOFNER)

The amp: This is a simple amp! It&#39;s not the kind of amp that changes the sound of your bass. The corrections are the prampli as to bring out the sound of your bass. Boosts the bass and treble can give more or less your body sound. The small compression is nice, I put the baffle back to being protected, but I RULES gain Manir that the compression comes into play as possible. It&#39;s more than a security because it&#39;s like on my fender rumble except that I can resolve it. The

Baffle: The sound is made, trs clean, lgre development of a low without buzzing everywhere. The adjustable tweeter is a good choice. I is zero, I like the sound as the old baffles, but I also have the possibility to activate more or less depending on the tweeter style I play. This is perfect for that gots voluent. These 600 watts allows me to have your elbows at the free volume.


The low: It gives me the sound I was looking ever since, the sound warwick! This grain indescribable! So typical and inimitable! My rve! His config at the electronic form that can adapt any low styles and brilliantly, with sound! His switch active / passive can have a more passive in vintage and modern pechus in force. The switch parallle / SERIES / simple configs can be approaching the classics such musicman, precision bass, jazz bass, (keeping the sound warwick). You can also play well with his billie jean that fits well, as well having a rock n roll with grain and big bass. Trs important point I think that in the low bass is not muddy, the sound is good trs Dfine many grunts and the sound, the grain remains trs Submitted whatever Tone . In his résumé a big typ but adaptable while due to electronic trs trs clever and effective. Even on an amp with prampli flat, it draws its Pingle remarkably well in the game

The amp: I do not have the beginners j&#39;tais of AIM. J&#39;tais used to the sound of my amp branch without my fender rumble 15. "It took me a while to find my sound on this amp without using the amp without. Today I found an r adjuster versatile enough (from finger to slap enough boards. In 15 days I&#39;ve had the amp, the speaker and the bass, and I found my sound and polishing. I liked her a t typ rock but well worth making the sound of the bass is perfect for me! I use almost no longer my amp too which modifies the sound of my bass my taste (it silent r gl on imitation Ampeg SVT)

The baffle: THE FIRST j&#39;tais also a little, trs j&#39;tais medium used to the sound my rumble 15. "But in the end it gives me bass speaker that does prcises did not rumble 15. " I finally discovering a deep sound prcis, that happiness!


I possde bass for a month and a half and stack for a month. Before I had an ibanez sr 505 bm, with no amp and a fender rumble 15. "My old config did not have low prcises, my silent over his ax on the low mids, but TODAY "Today thanks to the full config warwick I can finally have his bold, with good bass, good midrange down with acute Submitted but not too loud, all while keeping and enhancing the typical sound of warwick my bass. Prior to this config I have tried and Ketner hugues amps, Ampeg SVT classic, Hartke, fender bassman, fender bass, musicman, ibanez, warwick of other models. Yes that if I had the money I made the svt classic no doubt, out of sight I really wanted a Warwick, and I needed a powerful amp and not expensive trs, I thought warwick + Warwick should be not too bad all of the same, and that&#39;s srieux in strength and quality so I took a stack warwick for a total 659 euros. And I have no regrets! The aper us of his ampeg + warwick given by my no amp, I do not like too much, it is with the ampeg bass US, but with the most modern MODELS is not necessarily the best of the best. I may have the opportunity to try a config on my bass Ampeg SVT 3 pro ampeg 610 and I&#39;ll see what gives with this bass has and I will do a small update. If you have a warwick bass and sr a budget for your stack, take warwick trs is honest, and not in Exess cost! The low COST 1445 euros, but my taste is worth much more than a fender musicman or the m I price (considering that the sound is diffrent). Warwick is close to the violin compared to other brands ... I do it again this choice without problem, but the future can be although I will opt for a head amp warwick tube path 5.1. for a more light while remaining warwick. Voil warwick I caught the bug, and I have no desire to Gurir !

Small bet on the day low: APRS testing, warwick is a formidable Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Ampeg 610 cabinet and the grain warwick is not erased as a grain and even more warwick ampeg grain is simply divine to the sound of mtal rocky! (May not be for jazz but I do not care I&#39;m not a jazzeux for now ^ ^) So here on this forum some AIM n&#39;on not no such config, but you really have to try before giving a opinion.
And little off topic too: svt 3 pro has nothing to do with no amp, imitation is good but far from the original.

New up I possde dsormais an Ampeg SVT classic head up with a JJ / Tesla ECC83 in V1, and with the warwick&#39;s a killing vritable, I can have any What&#39;s the moment that there is no need to effect. The ampeg is a kind of hair for the incredible versatility of Warwick)
New up 2: I made my rgler warwick guitar doktor in Toulouse, it sounds even better is something crazy!
Couple my SVT classic, I sound trs trs prcis hot, awesome!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very disappointed!"

Warwick Corvette $$ 5
Low made in Germany, Bolt in 3 folds of ovangkol and affects Wenge. 24 frets, tune of 34 "classic easel - tailpiece two parties (at Warwick classic) Nut and" just-a-nut "(classical as well)

The body is swamp ash, sanded finish (ie, it sends the sand under high pressure, which has the effect of "digging" the wood and bring out the deeper veins.

MEC humbuckers with two large plots apparent, each with the ability to switch between different modes for each microphone (serial, parallel or single)

knob 1 volume push / pull to select active / passive pickups and a bend between two pots for bass and treble.

This bass is very nice, admittedly. His look, with two humbuckers closer to the center of the body makes very aggressive.

Now I will note the quality and seriousness of violin ... this is where I'm going to let go:

All went well until I seeing me, after some time, the glue lines between the various layers become visible ... VISIBLE when I say, its just VISIBLE ... Well ...

After some time more, not only the glue lines were more apparent, but the folds were not aligned! Still, my guitar is always stored in optimum conditions in terms of humidity, heat or cold. I ask the manufacturer telling me "it's normal! Take sandpaper, you pumice, oils and you're done! At worst, if you mind not leaving like that, it not bother! ! "

Morality, to have discussions with some colleagues violin enthusiasts: this type of problem should not happen, let alone a box "so-called" super strict. As someone remarked to me: when you love the violin, when you're proud of what can happen if one of our instrument has a problem such as this one, he replaced his sleeve, he changes his guitar but in any case, allowed no in this situation ...


The handle is more comfortable to play (after 3 years ...) for a balanced view, I find it a bit linear (who loves me itchy lower body !!!!) but c is a matter of taste!

Accessibility to acute is less obvious than on my ESP, but there are still way off the hook.


The principle of the system is $ $ that has the ability to quickly create any sound in any style. I used it in a rock band / grunge and parallel, funk-rock, no worries.

The sound is very defined, particularly regular in all frequencies.


Given the point No. 1 on the defect at the neck (especially the bad times of service in Warwick who say "bah ... it's not too bad ... tinkering here and hop, we talk more !!!") it is clear that I would never again buy an instrument that leaves their factory.

Damage is low, although not perfect for me anyway, was out of the mouth and a strong case!

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Other names: corvette double buck 5

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