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Alesis Misc music/audio gear news

  • [NAMM] Alesis GuitarLink Plus

    [NAMM] Alesis GuitarLink Plus

    01/13/11 in Alesis GuitarLink Plus

    Alesis announces the GuitarLink Plus which connects guitars and other line-level audio sources directly into a computer.

  • Alesis JamDock

    Alesis JamDock

    05/12/09 in Alesis JamDock

    Alesis announced that the JamDock for iPod is now shipping to retailers.

  • Alesis AudioLink Cable Series

    Alesis AudioLink Cable Series

    04/19/09 in Alesis AudioLink Cable Series

    Alesis has announced that its series of AudioLink USB audio cables are now in stores.

  • [NAMM] Alesis JamDock

    [NAMM] Alesis JamDock

    01/17/09 in Alesis JamDock

    Alesis announces JamDock, a dock for iPod designed specifically for practicing musicians.

  • [NAMM] Alesis AudioLink Cables

    [NAMM] Alesis AudioLink Cables

    01/15/09 in Alesis AudioLink Cable Series

    Alesis announced AudioLink, a new series of USB audio cables consisting of GuitarLink, a quarter-inch-jack-to-USB cable; MicLink, an XLR-to-USB cable; and LineLink, a dual-quarter-inch-jack-to-USB cable.

  • [NAMM] Alesis iMultimix 9R

    [NAMM] Alesis iMultimix 9R

    01/19/08 in Alesis iMultimix 9R

    Alesis reveals the iMultiMix 9R Mixer with Universal Dock for iPod.