Line 6 Relay G50
Line 6 Relay G50

Relay G50, Other Guitar Accessory from Line 6 in the Relay series.

tonmazz 08/05/2012

Line 6 Relay G50 : tonmazz's user review

« Line6 G50 wireless guitar sytem works great, built ok »

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This came highly recommended from other musicians on forums such as Rig-Talk and other places. Had it special ordered from my Guitar Center as they only carried the G30 which others had said was built a little cheaper. I was very happy when I plugged it in for the first time and it was super easy to use. The basic controls were simple and very intuative. Absolutely love the Cable Tone feature to simulate the impedence of the guitar chord and adjust the tonal characteristics of the input signal. It truly works and does a great job. I have found very little degrading of the tone going wireless as oppossed to plugging in although there is a slight difference but very minimal. I was very happy and still am happy with the overall sound and function. Here is where it gets complicated. Second gig using this, the chord pulled out of the transmitter and now does not snap in, I have had to tape it so it never pulls out. This really bugs me because for the price, it should be able to take a little beating here and there. My assumption is that mainly working musicians need a wireless so it should be tough enough to handle the wear and tear of the road. I also don't like how easy the battery panel opens on the transmitter, way too easy to pop off. This review is a mixed bag not because of the sound but because of the construction. On the surface, the thing appears to be heavy and built well. I found out that it has some weaknesses and unfortunately it would cause me to look elsewhere in the future for someting a bit tougher as far as the transmitter goes. I wish it was better as I like its functionality.