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All user reviews for the Zam Power Zam

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 3 reviews43 %
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Jazz Up08/05/2014

Jazz Up's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beware guitars with effects ..."

Zam Power Zam
I will not repeat here what is said elsewhere, Zam Power actually works fine on my guitar Seagull S6 ... But not with my Ibanez Montage. And this is to warn the owners of this type of guitar I just do this post. The assembly is equipped with effects (chorus, reverb, distortion) that require probably a power (not just a matter of voltage, so) that is not issued by the Zam Power.
So: Very good for guitars with (pre) classical amplification (a real solution!), But not for others ...

raph.bass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Practice"

Zam Power Zam
Used for a few weeks.
Finally, a good way to pass batteries!
Buying essential to all those who have had a moment alone on stage because of flanchent batteries.
The sound is absolutely unchanged on my bass, not more presence, not more volume, or other changes that I've read here and there, and so much the better! I did not buy it to change the sound of my bass that I love as it is, but just to do without batteries!
I find it a bit expensive (especially once € 35 shipping added!) But since I had two 9V batteries that I changed 5-6 times a year, the purchase will be quickly amortized.
Small flat, the supplied cable is very short and cheap to me and I would not venture on stage.
I got a nice big beefy 6m cable and roll!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Comfort ..."

Zam Power Zam
I use this power for a little over three years ... And we must recognize that I have a little trouble me go now ..
Because beyond all considerations of better sound (or not) by the use of this system, it brings me comfort is undeniable:
1) No need to think about disconnecting the instrument (bass and electro-acoustic guitar, for me) to preserve battery life.
2) more from the first: connectivity preserved. A jack socket is tired also, by dint of connections / disconnections ..
3) No need to test the battery before a set.
4) A certain economy, despite all the worries ... Having not get stranded or have a loser as a full concert, I put up a new battery every time ... This can be reveal a mania obsessionelle, I should ...
Some say he just passive switcher (for low), if any .. M'enfin good, if I choose to play with a pre-amplified instrument is to use such that ...
5) ensuring optimum operation of the pre-amp, and therefore have the best possible sound all the time ...

Now, the sound is it better than batteries? I venture to answer common Norman: perhaps have ben that yes, perhaps have ben qu'non!
In fact, everything depends on the quality and rechargeable batteries that are used. Moult for doing tests, I would say that you do not hear no difference with a new battery or a battery, both of superior quality. Parcontre with the same battery cells having the same or a few hours flight , yes .. Nothing to fall backwards either, but the fact is there ... And the higher the quality of the battery (new) or the battery (fully charged) used decreases, the greater the difference is heard quickly ... View instantly.

The criticisms that I could make are:
1) the construction of the "box", Alu. I would have preferred a metal a bit more "beefy". What .. does not stop to be reliable.
2) not being able to "transfer" to the foot, so stompbox.

That said, I can only recommend this power supply, be it for the "heads-in-the air". It allows me, too, to focus on what I do best: play music ...

The price is what it is (99 euros at the time)., But it is not more expensive than a good pedal effect. Then, well ...
In my case, this "financial investment" was paid back in one short year ...

With no reliability problems, juqu'à this (although I still have some spare batteries). Seen and the comfort it brings, I would do this choice without hesitation ..

vlandrieu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very handy!"

Zam Power Zam
I use the ZAM since December 2010. I had to make any changes on my basses (Warwick Streamer Jazzman and Custom Warmoth JB-like).

If you are here, I guess you know the usefulness of ZAM and on this point, reliability is the rendezvous. Batteries, it's over for me.

The big question that is puzzling: do we really sound better with new batteries?
Personally, I was surprised at his first connection, clear and dynamic. But I do not know what is the element of subjectivity in this judgment. Anyway, what to see and that is irrefutable is that the sound is better than a battery that has aged a bit. The assurance of having a quality of its stable and linear is the most important to me.

There are some small things that are important to know about using:
- We must of course plug his bass directly to the ZAM so it will take place in the string entry in your pedalboard. This is not necessarily a problem though. I personally do not use pedals so I put it in my rack.
- Little remark which follows directly from the previous one: there are no plans to fix it in a rack box. I squeeze between my compressor and my amp, which is enough to hold it in place but ideally a system for proper catch would have been handy.
- Having a dummy cell is not always practical. For example, when I plug my bass directly into my mixer, I have to remove the ZAM of my rack box. It's also annoying to match backstage before a concert, you can not plug the bass directly into the tuner.
- Last little problem is that the system works with a stereo jack and supply is significantly reduced compared to standard cables. I can not find a stereo jack 6m with an angled plug on one side for example. We must also mention all the colored cables, fabric and other fantasies.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I am very satisfied with the ZAM and I can only recommend it.
Next evolution, a wireless ZAM? :-)

Bazzoulay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Z'alimentez you!"

Zam Power Zam
What about a product that made me forget what it's like a 9 volt battery since the year 2009?

According to various accounts I've read in the past, it is true that this same principle of power was already used by other manufacturers, either in the amp, either in the instrument. on the other hand, this is where Zam becomes dynamic. We know that this product has been tested and burst test stand seriously in the past, but I do not drink the water there. Personally, I prefer to spend my time playing my bass.

My basses are all 4 "Zame" by 9 volts since their acquisition, and two of them were forced to undergo a small change at the jack. Being a handyman, Zampower me graciously explained the process to make this change.

The ZAM has just one size, and the little yellow box and the transformer fit unobtrusively into a pocket outside of my bag. It fits perfectly on my Markbass Mini CMD 121P and I use stereo cables 6m with no loss of sound. To grant me visually, I plug my Korg TM 40 right next to a 10 cm cable. The button "Mute" prevents deafen to my friends. Being professional, I use it constantly. I like to work at home with my amp volume low so as not to disturb the neighbors. That said, it is obvious that I would have spent a dozen batteries since!

Finally, the site of ZAMPOWER shows that the idea comes from bassists who designed the ZAM FOR bassists. An approach quite nice actually, in today's world of multinational and large boxes under.

Another interesting thing-the price has fallen for some time to 99 €! You can check here:

Lagbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Zam is terrible!"

Zam Power Zam
I used it for 2 years (I stopped with my band since) with happiness, more to worry whether his or her batteries are in shape, go running to buy or forget them, hoping that another member will be, therefore, end this mess.
Of course you must have an electrical outlet handy, but this is less difficult.
Another advantage is the stability of the power of the instrument is obvious that the sound will be lost
not at the end of a concert if the batteries are at the end! Well of course it makes tow more but it is very
manageable, remember to have a fairly long length of cable between the instrument and zam if you move a little ...
The choice of voltage (6.9 or 18 volts) is also good because I have an active bass into 18 volts, then scheduled for 2 batteries, so great!
There is a tuner output for those who do not have the amp.
There is a mute button for those who still have not, but they should have put a footswitch because it is
small enough ...
I do not think that's good, but it is an investment rather heavy, but for a pro or an amateur
very "turn" it quickly pays for itself I think, and then shit it's French, it's not so often that
the stuff is blue / white / red music!.
Good for editing, if there are some changes to make, either you are handy and is easy enough, or we will
see his luthier / shop for it, it will not take much time or much more money.
If it all over again I would not hesitate (if I have the side Thun of course!)

arthémon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zam Power Zam
It all looks good but not very new.
I had a LAG equipped with the same power supply that is over twenty years and as it was in Toulouse ... Not XLR jack but and it worked very well. There is nothing new under the sun, but mostly it is not to be under the sun, exactly?