Taylor Balanced breakout box
Taylor Balanced breakout box

Balanced breakout box, Other Guitar Effect from Taylor.

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toche13 03/08/2014

Taylor Balanced breakout box : toche13's user review

«  Useful to keep the symmetrical signal ES Taylor »

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Useful to keep the symmetrical signal ES Taylor utilsant tuner or external effects.
Mutes the sound output on the Taylor PA or amp thanks to the mute interupteur

Want to connect a tuner Between You and the PA and maintain maintenance your Expression System's ® balanced signal? Plug into the Balanced Breakout, connect your tuner, and you'll stay balanced into the rig. Thanks to high-quality icts transform your signal always stays pure. (ES Balanced Breakout) ™


No manual
An XLR input (enter the pure symmetrical signal "balanced in English" the Taylor thanks to a TRS cable - XLR
An XLR output to power amp or PA
An output jack to feed a tuner or effects pedal


I use a taylor 814 EC and 150 plus amp Jam


I've had 8 months.
solid manufacturing.
LED on top for the mute function
Upon opening the box I was surprised to discover a 9V Duracell battery.