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All user reviews for the Taylor EXPRESSION SYSTEM

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Average Score:2.8( 2.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
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 2 reviews18 %
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tonysauvion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good system"

taylor 712 that


a bit of a chore the two switches in the box


then to temper this a bit, I just tested my expression system (taylor 712ce)
and several points are worth noting:

lower level of a piezo, it's normal output is a magnetic system
already at this stage if you do not like the sound of a magnetic pickup (fishman rareearth, triaxial taka, etc ...) it will not go. on the other hand if you can not stand the piezos ....

FYI I also taka newyorker with fishman aura, so I can compare the two

overall it is very realistic about the dynamic, nothing to do with a piezo (except as may be) must equalizer in any case I need to quickly find pyu slightly dig around 300 and 1kHz - 1.5kHz and can boost the bass and treble a hair (100 7khs)

no more than 3 dB each time, and there was a sound that I find beautiful and very enjoyable to play
I could essauer on aer, bose l1copact and monitors Yamaha HS50
in any case it sounds

a little breath effectively, especially on the Boses, you can cut back a little after 15khz
but in a live setting it works

I will publish the notice in a few weeks, after heavy use!

is no better than the fishman, just very different, to be continued

should both with a blend!



snakefinger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent rendering!"

The expression system is the electronic circuit fitted to Taylor electro-acoustic.
This is a professional system that requires symmetric connection.
Connected with a single jack, you lose 75% of the sound quality and it may seem confusing.
But connected with a TRS side guitar and amp xlr side electro-acoustic direct box, mixing console, it is a pure delight.


In practice, this system does not include acute and grave are Features equalizer and volume is very simple to use, and can immediately obtain the sound you want. But simple does not mean simplistic, because for example if you want to increase the mids, just to increase the volume and reduce the bass and treble. The choice of frequency equalizer and action curve (Q) is very musical, acting directly on the right spectrum of guitar harmonics and the higher octaves.


The principle of its uptake is an innovation of Taylor, is a humbucking coil placed behind the neck above the rosette. It is here that the vibration of the strings and the sound of the instrument is the richest.
The sound is much more realistic than that captured by a piezo under the bridge saddle.

In addition, a small switch to enable / disable a sensor placed under the soundboard which takes into account the style of play, the sound pressure in the body, and gives a more acoustic, airy and realistic.


Expression System is a set of sensors / preamp sophisticated at the same time very simple and discreet (we only see three buttons that touch the splint).
Taylor may not be enough warning to indicate that it requires a professional connection to draw symmetrical that one is entitled to expect of guitars of this quality.
Properly connected, the expression system is an extension of the amplified sound of the pure acoustic instrument.

gibson83's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Avoid!"

System equipped guitars Taylor


Using ultra simple. Three knobs: Volume, bass, treble.


35 years ago that, my father had bought a micro rosette for its "Hondo" sound. It was a single coil pickup that made a buzzing saucepan! Something infamous! Want laugh? Well I just tell you that when I plugged in my Taylor 510CE first time equipped with the expression system, I was rapelé the sound of the old micro Dad! ! On a guitar for almost 3000 euros, it is purely a scandal! !


My advice: Buy a Taylor made WITHOUT electronics and install another system. For my part, I opted for a blend of Matrix Ellypse in Fishman.

Cuki79's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's really good anyway!"

It's a system I have on a Taylor 414ce

First let me say that before I was a fan of the piezo Fishman Aura +. I even almost bought a Taylor without electronics to raise a fishman ...

Recall that the ES (not to confuse the ES-T) is a system based on magnetic pickups under the key (the ropes) and at the soundboard (two sensors).

I find people very hard. The sound is very natural (especially compared to the 114ce and 214ce piezo) and I did not notice any noise even at high volume (or the store or at home .. I use a tech SR JAM 150).

I think people who have problems of noise, have problems with ground loops. People in Taylor made a lot of videos on the subject.

Basically, a magnetic pickup is sensitive to radio emissions (eg the 50Hz) ... Who has not picked up the radio with a Fender unshielded (all models "roots" genre classic, vintage 52 tele ...)? And yet it does not shock anyone that strato is a real antenna noise!

Obviously they were not in Taylor coated the entire interior of the guitar with metallic paper known as an electric guitar ... So if you play this guitar Live, you need a hum eliminator, a direct box or a noise gate and pay attention to the cables ... As an often electric.

It's not a scandal, and it was even more predictable!

The advantage is a rather hot and warm no "piezo quack".

I remember one such as piezo mounted on the 114ce and 214ce does make the sound of the strings and that's it ... As usual, all the guitars sound a little similar with the piezos ... (NB: I've heard systems fishman very damn about Martin ... so it's not a general rather than absolute)

With the magnetic pickups you often have a round + the + sweet + jazz but then with a certain color (like Seymour Duncan or LR Baggs magnetic) ... If it was crap, people will not buy these microphones.

I admit that I was hesitant in buying the guitar because it is not, a priori, the sound I'm looking for a sound (I like my Aura + piezo). In addition we see videos on the net (Youtube Nstuffmusic) or the comparison with external microphone jack and direct is really scary ... You sound like an electric guitar Jazz

I am expecting the worst

... The result: the SR Tech JAM sound is very natural and not at all "electric". So for me an excellent sensor (not expect either to a studio microphone jack) but for a game in normal amplified it's really good! 100x better than the ES-T without Aura pedal ... When the noise, there are less than a cheap piezo preamp.

I think these are problems amp and ground noise that upset people (What I can understand).

Review of Race: check the quality of your electrical installation and test the scratches on the amp you have at home before you buy.


Yeah there are only three knobs but since it already sounds great with everything at noon ...




I was very pleasantly surprised.

Yet I love the combination piezo + Aura!

NB: In yamaha they developed a similar system but with piezos (ART) and then eventually they opted for a type AURA (SRT) ... As it sounds good ...

I think if one is pro and we play in lots of different places with different sound systems, the safest is probably the Aura. But this is far from being the case for everyone.

jmi13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To avoid!"

The pots go to the dogs over the years!


A little hard to play. For the record, I have discussed with Tommy Emmanuel, which is also the guitar too hard ... I was rconfort! :-)


In acoustics, it sounds terrible ... the rest is a bad joke!


To those who buy a Taylor hsiteraient Systm team of Expression, Do not hesitate .... ESPECIALLY NOT BUY!

For me too, it was a standard dception. Yet this is the 814 Grand Auditorium! In acoustics, it is a massacre. Branch between the breath, the buzz and crackle of knob other is a small guitar the weekend ... and again, the amplification of Systm Takamine G SERIES is better!

At this price I think the it is also the foutage of mouth.

Finally, I chose to 808EBG Maton (the signing of Tommy Emmanuel MODEL) ... Their pramplification is simply phnomnale! QED

Hello Marseille Clef de Sol ...

Julien_B's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ES intergenerational dating from 2004 to 914CE


Easy to see first if we want to use it!


This is where it gets interesting, the sound? I do not know if one can call what comes out of this preamp "sound" it looks like anything but a guitar sound! the medium are horrible and synthetic rope if sounds like if we had replaced the rope with a tennis racket string ... For 914 to 5000 € is appalling. Fortunately, the acoustics and there .... Anyway very, very disappointed. I lowered the medium 800Hz is a bit better but still unusable, it is only the first 3 chords that sound (but only up to the 3rd fret) after it is unusable. Even if we know that this is not to register (must be crazy even with a piezo) amplifying an acoustic guitar on stage is always difficult so you have to compromise ... But this is simply impossible to amplify that's what's serious, there is no acceptable compromise. Should design a system (based on an existing system that works well B-band can be I know not) that can replace the ES site is up. Even the former fischan stereo (blend) which are replaced by linear rotary knobs to come to integrate instead of the button ES. In short I think we should really act on it because this is serious. And not just want to send letters to Taylor is already lost. The former was fishman cost them 5 to 6 times more expensive in my opinion and this expression system is that handjob.


To conclude there is nothing to be learned from this system. Except for three poor agreements scratch the top of the inning. Only solution in my humble opinion, replace the system without changing the violin or else find a small system with 414 prefix stereo.

If you have already replaced this system I policyholder following:

This is hopefully not too upset myself ....

vernougrat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)





What Ben was there for them the bowl if the Taylor Expression System suits them well ... They either bite the ears, or they are dropped on Taylor one of the few that works well.

I think the concept Expression System is very well especially for the ergonomic side. Just three knobs discrete output jack attachment disguised as a belt. I agree that a fourth knob "medium" would be welcome ...
In terms of sound reproduction, I admit that it suits me. The original sound is quite well rendered. But against it is amazing the breath that issues this preamp! Looks like we opened a bottle of Pshittt constantly ... And nothing to do to turn that dirty sound! Can reduce acute decreases in which case the breath but then one of his shit.
Frankly when you scan the forum and we realize the number of pocesseurs raising this issue is appalling!
Heck for the price it costs to scratch, is enough to feel misled, especially that no solution is proposed by Taylor.
Not quite frankly it seems that Taylor brought to market a product not enough debug.
Moreover, I intend to take my Tilt and make statements for more information on this breath .. I will return then to tell you what I found.


Well I think the ergonomics are very good. I like a knob for adjusting medium and more. It is unobtrusive and easy to use shame that it is totally transparent and that despite the plethora of forum postponing the problem, Taylor did not propose a solution to remove the blast generated by this important preamp. I found advice from 2005, the reminders from the manufacturer and in 2007 the problem was topical ... tjs
Ultimately this preamp is almost useless for those who want an amplified sound to match their requirements (they should be requirements to pay such a sum is not it?)

Branos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)



- Ergonomics INTERESTED


Added 29/11/2007: It's funny, the sound of the expression system (headphones, uncorrected) looks frankly a sample of D-Tar Wave-Length I found here: http:/ / ( )
Clearly, the Expression System of a breath and more (for small ct "Vintage" I think).

Added 30/11/2007: Following this advice, I reu many messages which I will not be our answer until next week. A thousand apologies and ending for trs. PS: I'm not the sr Taylor K4 is the right solution, we discuss it again.


Owner for a week just a GS7e Taylor, cedar / rosewood with Expression System (with a new 9V battery and switches to cut the body-sensors), I wanted to give my impression on the famous Premire Systm . I test and symtrique asymtrique on AER Compact 60 (I test with 2 inputs) and the Joemeek prampli OneQ suits me perfectly for other uses . I will test on mixer / sound ds as possible.

THE FIRST finding is that we have a great big bump in mdiums (around 1 kHz) and the absolute need to fall by at least 5dB. The first connection between the instrument Compact60, all pots in the center, as guitar amp, I got a great sound of pan, with mdiums neither hot nor noisy but ... pans. Even in Galis, and the high E string if its not have a natural trs, a little too hot and mdium, and even going up the treble, the attack is a bit strange, magnetic policy summary. As against the other strings sound good and the harmonics of lower strings (piano-like) seem to sound much better than a conventional piezo and without the famous artifact that gives her a little nylon string metal.

On the other hand, there is a problem of breath on trsgnant frquences acute, I would say from about 7 kHz, and even in connection with the symtrique knob of acute in central position. On some forums I read that we must lower the knob volume on the guitar, the problem is that the signal also decreases, in fact, I think this is a potentiomtre output level SETTING THE and not a gain, then, regardless of the rglage, the SNR remains the same ... not great. I added a noise-gate, but when you play soft passages in finger-picking, even when we get to hear the breath over the music. I also tried to compress, but it's not easy, and does not help the signal to noise ratio.

At feedback, actually has does not catch easily, even when careful not to push too low.

Ct of ergonomics, it is true that the three small pots at the top of the cache Clisse, it is convenient and discreet, for against, they turn very easy and the central position n'accroche not much.

Rsultat races: a system that trs whose dynamics are good, artifact-free pizo fairly rsistant to feedback, but the sound may seem a bit dry APRS indispensable legalization, Submitted breath and important it is better to drown in the mix. APRS but have read many opinions on the net, I think the manufacturing is These systems may not be trsrgulire, and the components may have be not always the same quality which would explain the big diffrence notes ...

In short, the APRS dception the first tests, I start finding rglages that give a well okay, trs typ "jumbo-folk", and admittedly much more natural that a Fishman Matrix / Prefix, despite the always blows Submitted. I'll wait for trying to put on scne days ... I think a should.

Smgm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor GS acoustic electric 2006/2007, US course, equipped with the "TAYLOR EXPRESSION SYSTEM".
I blaze the wallet for an acoustic electric in anticipation of a live.
Basic adjustable bass, treble volume with a central point, and a well designed battery compartment!


And has very limited use of both single shot!
CONTRL that are at number 3: volume, bass, knitting needles with focus!
therefore very difficult to get good sound!


The I had a problem at the outset of the purchase, blowing enormous volume and treble its nazillard and totally rotten!
balance, HS cell without explanation ???!!
wow already!

back is much better, acute unusable, bass volume and ditto the center while the DI, and soundcraft ElectroVoice but nothing to do! So good to AT 4041 and pan in the face, when the sound is bad at the base you can always e-course has-been?? co sign RUPPERT NEVE the poor were better known to him!
unbelievable and incomprehensible, despite the kamasutra of techno, new battery etc. DIFFERENT config, but nothing to do!


Drop the Taylor system, it is better to buy rather acoustics and equipped with the EMG active rosette, I have had the OCCAZ to listen and add sound to a very old Yamaha and Martin and two owners were on the ass! and I regret that!

emma-music's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TAYLOR in 2003 when his s'aperoit Notore is installed, the brand shall decide not to buy his pr-amp Fishman, not to buy his mcaniques Grover, two monsters in their field. TAYLOR would he do better?
By addressing Fishman, it was a pre-amp perfect! Taylor is inspired to great fanfare and publicity prtend had pre-amp to find the absolute possde two sensors (such as Fishman, like how bizarre!)


Yes, apart from that the utlistaion the Systm Submitted hls some limitations.
First of all CONTRL that are at number 3: a simple volume, bass and a simple rglage another needle. It's really cheap! As not to put a volume knob as requiring the player will quickly realize that the rglages are at the mixer.
Taylor will also rectify the situation by offering a real pre-amp the K4 ... But in reality, you need to have this rack features of the old FISHMAN!


The sounds are extremely possibiblits limits since it can act only on the bass and treble. If you want to dig the sound or work ... gure it is possible. However, the sound is pure.


So can we say of Systm EXPRESSION that this is not a pre-amp but btement amp Fidler that restores the sound of the guitar. And it is wonderful for those seeking pure sound of a guitar amplifier western. But this is not a pre-amp since vritable offers no possibility to act directly on the just without a pre-amp!